In which we name the nameless horrors of the deep.

Terminology poll for you all. The context of these questions is "multi-author fanfic archive".

Poll #1895524 Because I apparently can't decide

What is the thing you're reading called?

the entertainment that shall remain nameless

When you write a brief note directly attached to the thing you just read, you are:

leaving feedback
what? people do that?

You prefer to read text with this color scheme:

light text on a dark background
dark text on a light background
blinking pale pink text on a light gray background

This poll has oppressed you!

My journal layout is pale pink on gray, you insensitive clod.
You have left my favorite jargon out of your list, you illiterate clod.
I can't read, you insensitive clod.
I never leave commentfeedback, because wank wank wank wank wank, you [ELIDED] clod.
Your suggestion above that I am wanky has oppressed me, you insensitive clod.
I will detail my reasons in a very long comment or perhaps a passive-aggressive LJ post in which I name no names, dear.
Oh, come on, get with it, all the kids wank in unreadable Tumblr reblogs these days, you antediluvian clod.

So anyway, how the hell have you all been?
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I don't have very strong views on fic vs story. I *do* strongly prefer comment to feedback, because some people really don't feed back as such, in that they aren't exactly discussing the fic at all ("I would never have thought of this pairing!" "I am also from Michigan!" "I'm also doing this ficathon and I'm late, omg, haven't dared to read this, your timeliness oppresses me!"). Comments seems to leave the whole thing a lot wider and more neutral.
Whereas I, in a more general sense, prefer feedback to commenting because I feel like commenting is a sort of, hmm, platform-specific activity? Like, you don't comment on; you review. (Or maybe you leave a review; I'm not too savvy with the lingo there.) And comments and reviews both seem to come under the heading of 'feedback' to me. 'Commenting' implies to me that the person comes from LJ.

Uh, which isn't to say your reasoning doesn't also make perfectly good sense. :)
Ah, the definitive 'can't please everyone'!

I tend to think of comments as a neutral thing, on other blogs and AO3, but perhaps that's because LJ is where I started.
So to muddy the waters further, I have a totally separate concept called "reviews". These are homed with the writer of the review, not with the fic being reviewed. No display with the fic itself, though you can choose to look at the tab listing reviews for the fic (with review titles).

I am, at the moment, leaning toward comment because it's sort of more neutral (for the reasons BmB gives) and because the feedback concept is sort of partly in the review concept.

I ought to have mentioned that.
However, to self-reply, I note that the responses so far are pretty epically on the side of "fic" and "feedback". My only objection to fic is that it's kinda weird to use in the plural. One fic, many fics, a collection of fic (not fics).