Oh, no.

He was such an underrated actor. I don't understand why he didn't get more parts.

He seemed to have steady enough work. And from his twitter feed (which I follwed, oddly) he seemed to have special love for the horror genre. Damn. He had one of those great voices.
I perhaps should have said 'better', rather than 'more'. He did seem to work steadily, but I saw him wasted in many teeny bit parts. Thirty second appearances that could have been played by anyone.

He was in the opening teaser of a Castle ep last(?) season, and I thought 'Ooh, this will be good, he'll be a suspect!' but that was the end of his role, didn't even make the credits. Mind you, that episode also wasted Nana Visitor. Two super-sexy, charming actors capable of great wickedness: a major missed opportunity.

Such a shock. He seemed to be a lovely man, by all accounts. A little bit of naughtiness has gone out of the world.
Too young indeed. The AV Club had a nice write up and included a clip from Galaxy Quest. I had no idea he had been in Brideshead Revisited.
So very sad. I learned while at work, and I admit I just sort of shut down for a while. He was truly gifted. And he was generous and kind to me in some tweets. He will be missed. His work will live on.