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In which today is yesterday.

Wrote this Sunday (aka yesterday) & forgot to post. I write a lot of stuff like this and then look over it and say, whoa, that's a lot of wittering and then I delete it all. Mostly it goes unmourned.

Weather: It rained a lot overnight in the SF Bay Area last night. Parts of San Francisco got a little soggy. The storm drain system overall gets a little overwhelmed by so much water in so little. The City of Palo Alto has a charmingly late-90s creek monitor system put in place after the flooding in early 1998, the year when it rained from October to April. (Remember this one, oh BtVS writers: most of season 2 of Buffy took place when it was raining non-stop in most of the state.)

In short, it's the time of year when Dark Sky justifies its purchase price. There's also Check the Weather, which I use more often to figure out how many layers to put on when heading to the train station on any given morning.

Movieage: Plans for watching The Hobbit Part 1/20102 have been made. The geek friends who rent out a movie theater in SF for major geek movie events (LotR, Serenity, etc) have done so again. I am cautiously optimistic about this movie. Jackson really blew it in the last of the LOTR movies, botching the adaptation in ways that mean that I'll forever prefer to re-read the novel than to re-watch the movies, but this is a simpler story. The botching will all come from inappropriate padding.

Geek: Today is a programming day. I am attempting to work out my tagging approach a little further. What I really need is a fuckton of data to operate upon. The problem with having only three fandoms in my archive is that my own data set is insufficient. I think maybe I should continue to ignore it & start doing the heavy lifting on the reading log feature. Its backing store unit tests are passing, but I have written almost no user interaction for it.

Got any opinions about metrics systems, log parsing, and monitoring? I sort of want to like Riemann., but eek Clojure + JVM. Too many ecosystems.

Right. Carry on.
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