Are you thinking earlier-seasons awesome or later-seasons awesome with this one? I could go either way.
I had a terrible urge to suggest that Xander be pregnant with the kitten, but I refrained. *g*
So will it mean that Giles feels guilty or is guilty? (I know the story will answer my question, but I just had to ask.)
Well in that case hopefully Giles is the guilty party for Buffy being pregent.

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I haven't even voted, and yet the poll has reflected my perfect story. Awesome.

I hope someone has allergies. Happy writing!
Is slightly angsty okay? I had two ideas for this, one totally fluffy and the other a bit post-Flooded.
Post-Flooded Buffy trying to find her way in the world while still processing major trauma? With Giles's guilty support?

I could live with that.

(Go and write it.)

(Nao plz?)
I'm a sucker for earlier seasons. I miss the feel of seasons 1-4.