Giles/Buffy number

115: Work at a different speed

Wrote words, deleted words, wrote additional words. The current word count has nothing to do with the completion status of the story, which is currently: IN.

At least I have a mantra. I repeat to myself "This story is all about the [ELIDED]. If this bit of prose is not all about [ELIDED], it shall not be written. Think [ELIDED]."

And I have to say, the Oblique Strategy for today is most useful. Work faster.

AUGH. My head might yet pop before Sunday. And just think, I started this story months and months ago, but it didn't help.
That was the thing a month ago about how I couldn't get a hotel room. I decided not to deal with the hassle of having to stay in a different hotel. Sorta sucky, especially because my work is FEH right now.

The hotel is booked out, but that's such a shame. If I'd known it was that dire, I would have tried to sort something out. I miss you!