Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Ya think?

Today I have a dentist appointment in Sunnyvale (the real Californian city, unlike the with-a-d Sunnydale, which is fake). So I am taking the day off from my job in downtown San Francisco. The commute would be a waste of 2 hours in the middle of the day. I have so far taken the opportunity to sleep in to the glorious hour of 7am. I did this with with cat #2 sprawled over me, also asleep. It was lovely.

I shall have my teeth cleaned, work on A/B/O verse fic (which is progressing nicely and should be in a good state of polish for my summer_of_giles day, famous last words), and work on Fannish Javascript Project, which has reached the stage where I am no longer writing framework and am instead writing application logic. And showing real data in web pages. Woo.

I have an alpha checklist to meet that is nothing more than "bare bones features work". When it is all happily checked off, the source repo on github gets opened up for contributions and I will deploy the server sitting in the box on my living room floor to my half-rack at the colo. Oh. Add to checklist: set up the server.

Sorkinisms: A supercut. Recycled dialog and plot points. Ouch. I am aware, as is any writer, of patterns and tics and favorite over-used words in my prose. But jeez, man, I try to edit them out. This is sort of right up in your face. And you know it.

Note also that he has been fortunate with his actors.

Politics: This image mashup killed me. (For non-US readers: compare.)
Tags: fandom:west wing, life

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