Giles/Xander 2

In re: season 4.

In other news, "Beer Bad" is pretty painfully bad. "Fear Itself" was much better. Well, chainsaw. You know. "Wild at Heart" suffers from asking me to believe some random awful singer is charismatic. "The Initiative" features G & X being all unemployed and slackery together. A major fic starting point for me.

Giles can handle weapons. Check. He doesn't much like Doritos. Check. He likes raspberry fruit punch. Check.

Random: Sadly, it appears that Aaron Sorkin really is a sexist ass. Which sucks because he's also a great television writer. Well, one with a really honkin' obvious flaw in his writing. In Whedon we must continue to trust.
I actually quite like Beer Bad. It's very silly, but I find everything to do with Parker very satisfying, and meanwhile cave Buffy is so cute. Plus several of the college boy boors have since had more significant, more likable parts in other things.

Is it the silliness that gets to you, or something else?
It's the moralizing about beer. It always reads like an after-school special to me. Yes, thanks, we get it, underaged drinking is evil! Beer: Foamy. Good.

I actually like lots of it: the opening fantasy sequence, in which ninja Buffy impresses Parker who begs for her forgiveness, and then how it comes around to the end, when he really does say nice things to her. And then she bashes him on the head, which is what he deserves. (Well, in a hyperbolic fashion, but the show is hyperbolic.) Lots of good Willow in it, too.
Given that Giles snapped at 21 canonically, it would have to have been the middle 70s oh god shoot me now I've turned into one of those fans.