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I like Salinger. Also Hemingway. And Bruce Willis. Deal with it.

One. We saw Moonrise Kingdom yesterday and it was everything I had hoped it would be. But I sort of like Wes Anderson movies. Well, I've only seen one other one, Rushmore, but I kind of adore Rushmore. And its soundtrack. And Bill Murray. And Olivia Williams, whose appearance in Dollhouse delighted me because Rushmore!

Anyway. Moonrise Kingdom. Boy Scouts and a disaffected teenaged girl on the New England coast in 1965. I like Bruce Willis, I confess it, so I was happy to see him in this too.

In addition to being good, it got us out of the house and into air conditioning during some fairly high heat yesterday. It's been so warm in the Bay Area that even San Francisco itself has been hot. And let me tell you: I bring a cotton sweater to work every day because SF can chill down fast the moment the sun is no longer directly upon it. Not the last few days, though. Heat wave!

Two. I was just asked by cat #1, in the politest possible manner, to join him at his cat tree and groom him with his metal comb. No, really, he in fact communicated exactly what he wanted effectively. He smashed his head against my shin then led me to his cat tree. Then he leapt up onto it and assumed the Grooming Position, aka the weird posture he always adopts when groomed. It was adorable. I removed an entire kitten of fur from him. He must be hot too.

Three. This. My god. wickedfox does it again for SoG manips. I imagine Head of Council!Giles in Legacies, with his posh haircut, really really pissed off at demons for interrupting his stag night out with Xander and probably not actually Andrew. Because WickedFox manips always make me want to write stories. Um. Yeah.

But it's most likely A/B/O-verse Giles/Buffy for my summer_of_giles story this year, judging by yesterday's progress. The others will come as well, I promise. I have written far too much in them to not finish them.

Four. Will somebody please kick my ass into registering for Constrict and getting my hotel room? And probably plane flight to Vegas? Oh, and most importantly, into telling my pseudo-boss-like entity that I'll be gone those days? Right. I am in danger of screwing it up soon if I don't.

Five. I'm going to write a BG story entitled "A Perfect Day for Bananafish" but it's not going to be about, well, you know what that story's about. Instead it's going to be about demons that turn out to be harmless. And a girl who's a child prodigy who figures it out and connects strangely with Buffy. Set late season 5, so whoops, so it's going to be about what Salinger's was about after all. Oops. But the layer of whimsy on top of it will make it read as fluffy to the incautious reader.

But for now, I put the software project away and return to A/B/O-verse and a pizza delivery in a motel room. Right.
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