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Weekend update

Santa Cruz: sunny, sandy, full of beach-goers. Giant Dipper as much fun as ever. There's just something sweet and charming about that coaster. It's not a terrorizing experience. It's fun. I laugh all the way through the ride, and giggle helplessly for minutes afterward.

Soap-melting: I now have Dee- and Dragon's Milk-scented soap. And some shampoo & conditioner. The Dee soap is spectacular. I made that second, and used enough scent in it. It takes more than you'd think, which makes this a slightly expensive hobby.

Holmes story: no progress. Somebody poke me, please.

Claim bond story: 35K words. Most of this came from the first two, quite different drafts uniting. A bunch of that wordcount also comes from the outline notes, which are present in the file. Blah, blah. It's like lines of code as a metric for progress on software: no good at all.

The story is in three parts. First part is nearly at a completed first draft. Second part has a skeleton, a number of scenes written, but is missing lots of connective tissue and the climax. Third part has vague notes and some fragmentary scenes that caught my attention. It gets progressively smuttier as it goes. I am not entirely sure about the overall arc, but I keep reminding myself that this is my careening, out-of-control, knobs-at-11 crack!fic.

I am also wondering if I should stop reading some in-progress kink fics that I'm enjoying, just to avoid cross-pollination. Thinking of Collateral Damage in particular, which I'm having fun reading. Though it might seem that Wes/Giles with dom!Giles doesn't have a lot of opportunity to collide with a Council-magic-focused Giles/Buffy with dom!Buffy, I suspect at least some of the kink things will overlap a little. My story would be on the much-much tamer end of the comparison.

Ah, what the hell. If we overlap, we overlap. Vive le kink!

Note my Buffy-verse obsessions are coming through: I continue to be interested in exploring the Watcher/Slayer relationship and the origin & aims of the Council. I think canon is slapdash and mostly outright stupid in its explanations, probably because the writers made choices that were convenient for the immediate needs of a Buffy-centric plot, without bothering to think through long-term implications. (The sad fact is that many of our entertainments have shoddy craft in them, even the great ones that we love dearly.) I long to supply saner explanations for things.

The N-LBS has one set of explanations; this story has another. Plus a lot of bodyart.

The world doesn't need yet another idiot wondering why fanfic has so much smut in it. And it probably also doesn't need yet another deservedly-obscure writer pondering the question of why she finds herself writing smut in fanfic when she is uninterested in writing smut in her original fic. So I'll spare the world and not bother. But it has been on my mind recently. Because it surprises me.
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