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Kinks and tropes and omgwtfbbqs.

Alpha-beta-omega fic at 7K words and rising. I know what the plot is; I know what all the character arcs are; I now just need to write a lot of, well, sex. Without devolving into hydraulics.

The problem with this one is going to be submerging the expository world-building into in-character observation. I have two points of view to play with, at least. They have significantly different viewpoints on the interactions, which is very handy. Almost as if I planned it that way! I need to do non-trivial exposition, too. I find the standard ABO dynamics kinda tedious, both in the way they erase women completely and how they set up strict social hierarchies. I'm more interested in the many other ways a biology like this would express itself in culture. And change the dynamics of our little group of Scoobies.

Standard science-fictional stuff.

Here's another piece of meta that claims every ABO story has at least 3 of the 5 elements listed. I am hitting the first two right on the money, am ignoring the third (knotting), and am gracefully pretending that nobody mentioned the fourth in my hearing. It seems completely unnecessary to me, though hey, if it's your thing no problem. Soul-bonding I love, but it also seems to me to be unrelated to this trope. So I'm only hitting 2 of 5. Oh well.

At its core, the trope for me is: Humans can go into heat. Specifically, humans capable of becoming pregnant go into heat. This has a pheromonal effect on the mature adults around them. Loss of control results. Hijinks ensue.

Also, pack dynamics ensue. But ones specific to humans. Invented by me, because I see no reason to follow all the existing rules with the trope. And, um, to be honest, I haven't actually managed to finish reading a single existing story featuring it. The, um, self-lubricated butts squick me. There are some weird things going on with these projections of aspects of female sexuality onto male characters that I cannot even begin to understand. Not my kink.

Loss of control: I can work with that.
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I don't know why soul-bonding is included on that list. I guess she's referring to the idea of one's 'true mate'? But that seems to come into werewolf AUs specifically a lot more than a/b/o in general. And anyway, it seems peculiar to me to consider 'soul bond' synonymous with 'bond via biological imperative'.
Yeah, to me "soul bond" implies some kind of spiritual or magical or supernatural connection. Telepathy, empathy, some kind of sharing of energy that's at a different level from emotional bonding like we do with each other in real life. I can see how the werewolf variants might have a supernatural connection thing going. But in the universe of BBC Sherlock? Erk.
That guide was one of the funniest things I've read all week in a smh "Oh, fandom" kinda way. I've never wanted to read an ABO story for 2 of 3 elements you're leaving out of your story, so I look forward to reading yours!
Supernatural fandom has some very very strange subcultures. I mean, Harry Potter fandom was large and eccentric, but only SPN has a category in its kink meme for "original male dog" characters.
The Archive of Our Own piece's tone cracked me up. The comment about F/F ABO made me laugh out loud. As did the line about the laundry. Oh fandom, think about the laundry!

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I've read some ABO fics; the only one I can remember as really interesting was a Sherlock one about Moriarty and Moran. Moriarty was the one that goes into heat, he and Moran were lovers but Moran was the type that can't respond to heat. So Moran would arrange for someone else to take care of Moriarty during his heat, and at least one of the two of them is a sociopath so they had some ... interesting relationship issues even without the ABO stuff, which was an added level of messed-up on top of it.