Well, one of them is clearly not long enough. Was that the sort of anomaly you meant?

I will read the heck of Buffyverse a/b/o fic. Just so you know.
I am having way too much fun world-building for it. I don't know if *plausibility* is possible, but perhaps I can reach the point of "easy enough to suspend disbelief for" without too many expository lumps.
"easy enough to suspend disbelief for"

Yep. Plus I think most people reading this sort of thing want to suspend their disbelief; all they ask is that you make it easy for them. (Some are rather less demanding in this respect than others.)
Right now I'm obsessed with it, so I think it's gonna happen. If I can then follow up with the BG soulbonding story, that will be my 2nd offering for my Summer of Giles day.