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A profitable Sunday, postscript.

Yeah, instead of working on my summer_of_giles story like a prudent person, or instead of working on work stuff like a responsible person, I have worked on completely kinky Giles/Xander sort-of-slavefic. 24K words. That means it's 4/5ths done, according to my 30,000 word estimate. Except it's going to be longer.

It is very kinky. And despite all my best attempts to be completely without redeeming social importance it has character development and a running meta commentary about smutty books, romance novels, and real relationships. It's about as meta-fictional as I'll ever get, while remaining a straight readable conventional narrative.

That's the plan, anyway. Disaster may yet strike. If I fail miserably it'll just be a fun prawny romp. Well, actually if I fail really miserably it'll be a dull prawny thud. Worst kind.

Random: Best solar eclipse photo I saw today. Though there were probably lots taken and I have seen only 0.1% of them.

PS to previous: "Summer! of! Giles!" is pronounced like "Pigs in space!" Hope this helps.
Tags: fic wittering, giles/xander

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