Summer! of! Giles!

You all signed up for summer_of_giles, right? That's the only thing I care about right now fannishly. Summer! Of! Giles!

You'll get my current WIP then. It should be plotty and id-ficcy at the same time. Well, fannishly trope-ish. I hope that I'll be reading or looking at [eta: or listening to!] something cool from you this summer.

What else have I got for you? Not much just now.

Um, weekend. This is a weekend. That means I don't work. Right. Nor do I get up at 5am, head to the gym, lift, then climb onto a train to the city and fall asleep again. Instead I get to sleep in just as long as the cats are willing to let me. Yesterday morning Ms Inky Blot joined me for my morning extra snooze, which was sweet of her.

I have already had the experience of Getting on the Wrong Train, aka the one that Doesn't Stop at My Station. Also the experience of standing in the station at San Francisco reading on Twitter all about how a train crunched a pedestrian at such-and-such stop and all tracks are halted until they haul the guy to the hospital. Just some idiot trying to jump the gate & cross without waiting. Yay. Yay trains. I am going to dream of them for years after this experience.
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I am signed up, and writing, though I also have two zombie fics due before it and I kind of wanted to do Discfest too.

Ah well. There will at least be Gilesness, I promise.
I haven't signed up, because I know from bitter experience that the moment a deadline appears on the horizon, my personal muse packs her bags and buggers off without leaving a forwarding address. I use the other technique of not mentioning the possibility of writing anything for a fest until after I've written it. For SOG all I have is a pairing I suddenly realised I'd never seen before and NO PLOT. I'm not hopeful.

But I do have 90000 words of my Slave!Xander in which Giles is (a) very unhappy and (b) rather unpleasant (because of being unhappy), Xander is rather stupid, and Wesley is assertive. Buffy is oblivious because that seems to be what she does best. I thought that at 90K words it would be finished but its showing no signs of it.
They keep not getting to the sex. I can't stop before they get to the sex, can I?

Oh, apparently some people do? I didn't know that. I thought there had to be sex?

Well, it's not that there's no sex, it's that Giles is having sex with people who aren't Xander, which isn't at all what I was planning.

Get to the Giles in Armour on a Horse bit, Thea. Just get on. Giles needs to be in armour on a horse.