I drank several margaritas to get through these movies.

My week was crazy-busy and quite stressful and now it is the weekend and I am still stressed. My to-do list for the day is very long. Coffee beans, cat fud (as I like to say it), grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, cook for the week as far as possible, make it out to see the Whedon Avengers movie at last. That should happen later this afternoon.

Last weekend we watched all of the existing Marvel comic-book-superhero movies as preparation. Note that in general I find comic book plots kinda amazingly stupid and eye-rolling, so I have to be in the mood for cheese to sit through these movies. In order of goodness, best to worst:

* Thor: compelling villain with believable conflict & motivations; the only one of these movies to feature acting instead of mugging at the camera
* Iron Man 1: RDJ plays himself, but it's entertaining and charming; marred by muddled politics
* Captain America: a waste of Hugo Weaving; loltastic idiotic comic-book portrayal of WWII that failed various believability tests; predictable script that had us calling out events before they happened; almost saved by a pleasantly beefy male lead with an earnest anti-bullying message
* Iron Man 2: a completely tedious retread of the first Iron Man movie, featuring more RDJ mugging at the camera being a star; almost saved by the Tony/Pepper smooch

I didn't watch The Hulk because I had had enough stupidity for one weekend. Mr P liked it. Am I to understand His Nortonness doesn't play Bruce Banner in the new movie?
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His Nortonness is not in The Avengers. Mark Ruffalo (sp?) is Bruce Banner. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the movie.

I put Thor way, way at the bottom of that list. I spent half of that movie peering at the screen, growling, "What? What?" and everything in his homeworld (the look of it, the friends who I assume have personalities if you read the comics) was awful. Though I did like the fish-out-of-water side of it, and I was very entertained by how comically butch he was.

The others I enjoyed on their cheesy merits. RDJ was indeed being himself, but himself seemed a good fit for Ironman (unlike Sherlock, where he was weird).

No way. I voluntarily watched Thor twice. The other one that I liked enough to watch the second time was the first Iron Man (saw that first time around in the theaters). I loved the parts with him on earth and his friends walking down that main street looking so completely out of place but confident in themselves. But mostly I liked it because of Loki's character, which was the only villain in the lot whom I felt had a motivation I could believe. The last fight between Thor & Loki was personal and tragic in the best of ways.

Iron Man 1 was pure fun, though. Can't argue with it.

And yeah, he was weird as Sherlock Holmes. I might have enjoyed that portrayal more if I didn't have my socks knocked off immediately afterward by Cumberbatch's modern Holmes.
I really liked Thor a lot. More than the Avengers I think. Avengers was great, but I expected that. I went into Thor not expecting much and then I was surprised it was a great movie!