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Kinky GX fic: 21K words.
Plotty BG wingfic: 14K words.
Origfic: pushing 70K.

So many words. So little finished fic. I need to pick one of those to finish for Summer of Giles. Probably the wingfic because it's chewier and has broader appeal. I think I might make it a SoG tradition. Next year, all four Scoobies will get wings!

Semicolongate: the wank that keeps on giving: Hacker News is still arguing about semicolons in javascript. This is awesome. My own opinion on the wankstorm is close to that of the poster of the original article. But at this point I'm just amazed to find myself running out of unpopped popcorn kernels over semicolons.

Space: This link's going around, so you probably already saw it, but just in case! Pursuit of Light-- a NASA promotional video set to a Moby track.

Music: You know "Linus & Lucy", of course. Here is it slowed down 600%. Hello ambient music?
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