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And your little dog, too.

Dinner last night included roasted sweet potatoes, which are my new shameful food obsession. Also I eat yams now too. Don't ask me why it took me so long to decide these things are delicious. But they are!

I fiddled with my fic site a little and gave Buffy/Giles, Giles/Xander, and Giles/Ethan stories their own splash images. Season 4: full of the good screencaps. I think I might randomize them and add some more pairing-specific headers. For the fun of it.

shibela gave me a pile of excellent Sherlock recs the other day. I am reading through them steadily. First callout: "you'll never be alone in the bone orchard" by Sarah T. "John Watson meets Mycroft Holmes one day early." Gen, AU. Two thumbs up.

Music: the new Solar Fields recording Random Friday, is out this week. Delicious psy-chill-trance from the delicious Ultimae label. This guy also did the Mirror's Edge game soundtrack, if you enjoyed that.
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