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IFTTT keeps informing me that it's raining.

Thank you for your notes yesterday. I will say so more personally this evening, I hope. I am spending my day AFK running around madly. This is my moment of coffee-drinking pause before I launch myself into motion. Rocket-propelled motion.

Speaking of rockets: Apollo program source code! Linking to the Hacker News discussion not the source link, despite the HN-ness of HN, because the discussion has additional interesting links & tidbits.

Reading: A BBC Sherlock + His Dark Materials fusion (aka people have daemons) that I enjoyed right until the sex scene at the very end: Asteroidea by etothepii. (I am only enjoying the exceptionally written or exceptionally unusual fanfic sex scene these days. Mostly I skip them. I have my pickiness in mind every time I write one. This is why you don't get much smut from me these days: I have to convince myself first.)

At the moment I'm into reading Mycroft-centric gen in that fandom, mostly. Not that I've read much. Your recs gladly sought.

More on network storage: The Google Drive terms of service & the Dropbox terms of service, compared on a key point. I wonder why Google's lawyers haven't figured out yet that people care about who owns their stuff.

I love IFTTT, by the way. i hope they have figured out a way to make money, because I have wired IFTTT tasks into my life.
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