IFTTT keeps informing me that it's raining.

Thank you for your notes yesterday. I will say so more personally this evening, I hope. I am spending my day AFK running around madly. This is my moment of coffee-drinking pause before I launch myself into motion. Rocket-propelled motion.

Speaking of rockets: Apollo program source code! Linking to the Hacker News discussion not the source link, despite the HN-ness of HN, because the discussion has additional interesting links & tidbits.

Reading: A BBC Sherlock + His Dark Materials fusion (aka people have daemons) that I enjoyed right until the sex scene at the very end: Asteroidea by etothepii. (I am only enjoying the exceptionally written or exceptionally unusual fanfic sex scene these days. Mostly I skip them. I have my pickiness in mind every time I write one. This is why you don't get much smut from me these days: I have to convince myself first.)

At the moment I'm into reading Mycroft-centric gen in that fandom, mostly. Not that I've read much. Your recs gladly sought.

More on network storage: The Google Drive terms of service & the Dropbox terms of service, compared on a key point. I wonder why Google's lawyers haven't figured out yet that people care about who owns their stuff.

I love IFTTT, by the way. i hope they have figured out a way to make money, because I have wired IFTTT tasks into my life.
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Mycroft is such a fascinating character. Anything you find I'm game!

I followed the link you posted and read the three parts in a row! I'm just like you, I enjoyed the story right until the sex scene.
I won't spoil the twist here, but wow I loved that setup! Such an interesting take on their relationship as brothers. And I liked John's characterization too.
The setup did work. Loved part 1 and 2.

And, concerning the canon Sherlock' verse, it's true that, while he's living with Sherlock, John keeps having dates with Mycroft!

So, you asked for some recs.... I hope I'm not too late with them? Unfortunately, I seem to swing more towards the Watson-centric, so while I do have a few favorites that are Mycroft-centric, I am finding that a lot of my favorite Mycroft stories are actually Watson-centric. With that in mind, I tried to separate it out a bit, so you can read them if you choose or not.

A couple of my favorite Mycroft-centric fics:

"(however improbable)" by Sarah T -- Alien!Holmes Family is a must-read. (~5,200wds.)

"Gravitational Resonance" by ivywatcher focuses on Mycroft during the events of The Great Game. (~3,000wds.)

"On Umbrellas" by list_of_lists is a short piece on Mycroft & his burgeoning relationship with his umbrella....umm, that came out kinkier than I expected - just for clarification, there is no kink involved. (475wds.)

"Regret, Shared" by mariole has Mycroft meeting Watson shortly after The Fall. (~2,200wds.)

"Road Hazards" by awanderingbard happens pre-series -- Mycroft gives Sherlock driving lessons -- very funny. (~1,700wds.)

And a few (okay, maybe a bit more than a few) of my favorite fics that have Mycroft as a main side-character:

"Observation Of A Consulting Detective In His Natural Habitat" by scribble55178 -- While the focus is on Watson's POV, Mycroft & his penchant for using the CCTV is the lynchpin for this story. (~3,600wds.)

"you'll never be alone in the bone orchard" by Sarah T -- another story where Watson is the main focus, but Mycroft is the driving force behind Watson's actions in what ends up being an AU twist on several canon events that ends a bit dark. (~9,100wds.) (As a bit of a side-note, Sarah T is one of my favorite gen!fic authors.)

"Family Dynamics" by flawedamythyst -- Genetically-engineered!Holmes brothers.... while Mycroft is not the main focus, nor even the main character, he plays a sizable role in the course of the story. (~15,800wds.)

The Push!verse series by lindentreeisle is a Sherlock (BBC) / Push (the movie) fusion mainly focused on Watson, but the 2nd story in the series is all about Mycroft, and he does make an appearance in the 1st story as well as the 6th story in the series. (Series total = ~29,400wds.)

"The Problem of Time Management" by Castiron is another story from Watson's POV, but....Mycroft's role / influence in it is pretty humorous, especially with the twist towards the end of the story. (~1,600wds.)

"The Adoption of John Watson Holmes" by cyerus focuses on the interactions between Sherlock, Watson, & Mycroft in the context of family (sibling rivalry) to the point where Mycroft & Sherlock realize that Watson may just be Mummy's favorite 'son' now. (It's crack, and not really what you're asking for, but I love the idea of seeing Mycroft & Sherlock interact with each other in the presence of Mummy. And adding Watson to that mix....? Priceless.) (~2,900wds.)

-- to be continued below... --

AH! Much love! Thank you. I'm willing to read far beyond Mycroft-y gen, to be honest, so long as it's good stuff, and rec lists are pure gold.
"you'll never be alone in the bone orchard" was fan-freaking-tastic. So nasty on its characters. Yum.
"Family Dynamics" was frustrating. Great premise & setup. Flawed by the fairly stupid behavior and stupid, easily-foiled plot by an allegedly ultra-smart Moriarty, along with a chess game I found implausible. At least the chess game wasn't described in detail, which would have made it worse.

"However Improbable" was again awesome. Sarah T is obviously the real deal. Nom nom nom.

"Regret, Shared": nice piece.

I'm glad you're enjoying these -- especially Sarah T's fics. I've found that author to always deliver great fic, often with a nice punch to the gut or a twist & squeeze of the heart -- I was first introduced to this author via SGA fic, which quite a few are John/Teyla pairing (more like UST pairing, but a lot of angst, anyway). If you ever decide to read any of Sarah T's SGA fic, my 2 favorites are "The New Frontier" (canon!AU, sort of Apoca!fic with a lovely ambiguity, gen!fic with a hint of past John/Teyla pairing or at least UST pairing) & "Pavane for No Princess" (John/Teyla pairing, very angsty sexual fic, not exactly a happy ending in the non-euphemistic meaning of the phrase).

I can't tell you how much I was hoping that others would rec / link to their favorite Mycroft!fic. :D

Curse LiveJournal & their arbitrary default spam settings... :\

-- the rest of my recs (they don't really fit your request, but maybe you'll feel an urge to visit regardless.) --

This is a NOT!Gen!Fic rec: If you don't mind Mycroft/Lestrade pairing, then you should definitely check out earlgreytea68's Scotch series -- while it's focus is mostly on Lestrade's POV, the series is based on the interactions between Lestrade & Mycroft & the build of their relationship. My only caveat is that Sherlock/Watson ends up being a side-pairing later in the series, and I see that you don't swing that way. (Series total = ~72,300wds.)


And for a not-fic rec, but rather a playlist rec, you could check out ebonlock's 'How Mycroft Got His Groove Back.' This is a streaming playlist at
The Logical Song - Supertramp
A Well Respected Man - The Kinks
Sexbomb - Easy Virtue
Polite Dance Song - The Bird and The Bee
That's Why I'm Sending You - Tripod
Sharp Dressed Man - Tiny Little Bigband
Cup of Brown Joy - Professor Elemental
My People - The Presets
Election Day - Arcadia
Free My Mind - Katie Herzig
Goodbye Mr. A - The Hoosiers
Umbrella - Train

Okay, I swear this is it (for tonight, anyway). :D

Since you did say you wouldn't mind some other gen!fic recs, here's a couple other of my favorites:

"Soul By Soul And Silently" by pargoletta -- Mycroft finagles Sherlock & John into checking out several people that have influence on the current delicate political deal he is overseeing. Their investigation then requires them to bring Sarah in to pose as John's girlfriend / significant other, which turns up a lot more than any of them were expecting. (~22,400wds.)

"A Dish Served Cold" by Teej -- This is a case!fic revolving around the pairing of Lestrade/OFC aka Mrs. Lestrade, which barely gets any kind of screen-time other than to impress upon the reader that the Lestrades are not as estranged as believed (no sex scenes IIRC), and that Sherlock, Watson, & Lestrade are racing against time (and Moriarty's minions) to rescue Mrs. Lestrade. Warnings for scenes of graphic violence & torture. (~48,600wds.)

If you don't mind a couple more recs, most of them focused on other characters, I've a couple more to share.

A few of my favorite Molly fics:

"Folding, Unfolding, Refolding" by tartancravat is a favorite Molly!fic -- it takes place in the wake of The Fall. I love how the author uses the origami as serving several purposes in the story: a thread of hope, a way of time-keeping, and a connection between Molly & Sherlock. The author states that it's a Sherlock/Watson pairing, but it's more pre-slash & can be seen with gen!goggles if desired. (~4,000wds.)

"Prosopagnosia" by ashnight_1214 is an interesting character piece with a twist on Molly through the lens of a 'disability'. (~380wds.)

"A Tiger, Not A Lamb, mein Herr" by laurab1, while not focused on Molly per se does give her an interesting background as emphasized through the shock of Sherlock, Watson, & Lestrade. (~1,200wds.)

Some favorite Mrs. Hudson fics:

"Squeak" by scribble55178 is a very short funny piece that plays off of Mrs. Hudson's preconceptions of Watson moving in with Sherlock. (~230wds.)

"For Their Service Without Limit" by trillsabells is a lovely character piece focusing on Mrs. Hudson & her relationship with Sherlock & Watson. (~1,500wds.)

"Mother's Day" by r_scribbles is another lovely character piece on Mrs. Hudson & how she finds herself being a mother once more & remembered / appreciated for taking on that role. (~1,500wds.)

"The Uncanny Mrs Hudson" by ifonlynotnever gives us a BAMF!Mrs. Hudson.... (~580wds.)

And, finally, while these last 2 are Mycroft-related, they are Pairing!Fic: Mycroft/'Anthea'.

I was looking to see if I had any 'Anthea'-centered gen!fic bookmarked that I love, but it seems that I've just these ones, and they're not gen!fic. As the one is a companion piece, they are both gender-related!fic, wherein 'Anthea' is gender-fluid & Mycroft is person-sexual.

"Equivalence" by introductory is from Anthea's POV. (~2,000wds.)

...And its companion piece, "Distinction" by lizzledpink is from Mycroft's POV. (~3,400wds.)