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Okay, I can take a hint

My husband is now starting to press me to finish the Holmes story. This morning, on his way out to walk the dogs, he said, "Are you done yet?"

"I thought you said it needed a line-editing pass!"

"Well, have you done it yet? I thought it was pretty close to being finished. You know, many perfectly good stories have been ruined by their fourth and fifth drafts."

Okay, okay!

This Saturday I'll be making BPAL-scented soap with a friend, and road-tripping to Santa Cruz, but Sunday is free and clear for Holmes-ing. Alas, our soap-making will not be preceded by a daring midnight raid on liposuction dumpsters, nor by macho posturing with lye. Since this is my first time, there will be no lye at all. But it should involve a lot of sniffing and squeeing.
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