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OTPing and other diversions.

Have been discussing my latest fic project on twitter. Sort of. I once again have like five projects in motion at once and I jitter from one to the next like a jittery thing that jitters. And cannot maintain focus. And has had too much coffee.

Random: If you enjoyed werfing flammen yesterday, you will perhaps also enjoy these other fine weaponry-related activities.

Discussion topic: Your OTP. You have one. Given my flist, for many of you this will be Buffy/Giles, but I know at least one of you OTPs Giles/Ethan and many of you OTP in other fandoms. And some of you are sort of multi-shippers in the sense that you have a couple of ships you feel strongly about.

Rec one fic for your OTP(s).

I'll go first. Buffy/Giles. Kris Wahlberg, "Transformations". Angst-o-matic and possibly more hurt than any one Watcher can bear, but I care not. I imprinted on this fic.

You next!
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