OTPing and other diversions.

Have been discussing my latest fic project on twitter. Sort of. I once again have like five projects in motion at once and I jitter from one to the next like a jittery thing that jitters. And cannot maintain focus. And has had too much coffee.

Random: If you enjoyed werfing flammen yesterday, you will perhaps also enjoy these other fine weaponry-related activities.

Discussion topic: Your OTP. You have one. Given my flist, for many of you this will be Buffy/Giles, but I know at least one of you OTPs Giles/Ethan and many of you OTP in other fandoms. And some of you are sort of multi-shippers in the sense that you have a couple of ships you feel strongly about.

Rec one fic for your OTP(s).

I'll go first. Buffy/Giles. Kris Wahlberg, "Transformations". Angst-o-matic and possibly more hurt than any one Watcher can bear, but I care not. I imprinted on this fic.

You next!
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This was the one that was never completed wasn't it? Runs to the beginnings of a different kind of evil Willow that made way more sense?

Will have to reread. I also loved it when I first entered the fandom.

As to a rec, I like SS/HG but I prefer them to be adults. I also have a thing for ghosts, and this one's well done: Ramos, "Unfinished Business": http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2230284/1/

Another ghost story of sorts, Giles/Jenny: Tweed Empress' "Et in Arcadia Ego": http://www.mysticmuse.net/authors/tweedempress/etinarcadiaego.htm (had to hunt for a link not out at ODD, just in case)
I love Snape/Hermione, love love love it for all the reasons that I love Buffy/Giles plus a few. Hermione is a character I can identify with more easily than I can with Buffy (Giles is more of an identification character for me, at least a little bit). I shall now happily read!

And man, I love "Et in Arcadia Ego" and it is heartbreaking.
I had to think about this one for awhile. You already mentioned my favorite B/G story, but I think "Autumnal Equinox" deserves a mention.

For Hermione/Snape, probably Seven Preposterous Things just because Snape is SO in character. I mean, really, in cannon he's kinda trashy and the author really portrays that, but still makes it work.

For SGA McKay/Sheppard this was hard to pick just one. It was between two and I love them both for different reasons, but I'm going with Indelible because she has a gift for writing tension and the build of emotion, not to mention the really cool sci-fi bits, is really well done. Starts out a bit rough, but definitely is one of my favorites.
"Autumnal Equinox" is a weird story for me. First off, I also love it, and it's definitely also in my list of early reads that affected how I react to the pairing in my head. Except that's not Giles, not really. Definitely it's not his voice. I had read A. M. Haight years before, oddly enough, in B5 fandom (where I read back in the usenet days but did not write) and her Giles reminds me very much of her Sinclair. Man, she wrote some great Sinclair/Sheridan/Delenn. Alpha males colliding sort of thing. So I love it, but I can't put it as my single recced story for the pairing.

Snape/Hermione is a pairing that I was also reading long before my LJ fandom writing days! I was on WIKTT way back when, under my real life name, back in the "Pawn to Queen" wank era. OMG. Memories that I barely retain! Faded memories of pleasure! I loved reading that pairing in the hands of a good writer. I will cheerfully read your rec!

My one encounter with SGA involved me laughing my head off at the bad SF. I know that McKay is the kind of character that fandom (and probably me, with exposure) loves. I'll give it a shot.
Yeah, I agree her Giles characterization is off, but as I said, my ONE rec would have been the Transformations series, which you already mentioned. I feel I should own up to "Seven Preposterous Things" being a WIP, but don't let that deter you. It's also AU from the end of book 6. I hope I picked some stories you'll enjoy!
If it's not too late, I'm changing the SGA rec to In the City of Seven Walls (apparently I have a thing for 7s). I think you'll be more inclined to like this one. Awesome world-building and lush descriptions. Also, you don't really need to be familiar with the source material. The other is more for longtime fans of the pairing, I think.
Hrm. Not gonna rec your fics on your site, even if they prolly would be my first choice.

Buffy/Giles, DJinn's Where Do We Go From Here? series. Post-series, Italy. There is nothing about these stories that couldn't be canon. Clever, funny, sexy. I'm sold. Every. Single. Time.
One of the first fics I've read in this fandom were those by Rari Coss. Maybe "A Different Life" is the one which affected me the most.
I nearly nearly went with a Rari Coss story myself, "Friends and Lovers". I tripped across them all the other day, now archived on AO3 instead of the slowly-vanishing Giles-specific archive sites. Yay for permanent archives!
Discussion: Generally speaking I do not OTP. I trend toward some pairings more than others in any given fandom, but am mostly single-character-centric. So: Giles/any character the writer makes me believe will work in this scenario, Harry/any character the writer..., and so on.

That said there are some I consistently gravitate toward: Giles/Xander for eg. Mostly, when I think about it, the pairings seem to involve The Voice Of Authority and Experience clashing head-on with Youth and Enthusiasm and Impetuosity, although that fails to explain my closest thing to an OTP, being Lucius/Harry. On the surface the dynamics seem the same, except that I quite often prefer stories where, despite appearances, Harry is the one with all the power and and maturity.

OTP's confuse me somewhat. What do you find is in an OTP for you? Is it wanting to believe in the power of love to overcome all obstacles, or is it just that those are the two characters you can most see working together in a relationship and the story feels lacking without that element?

Reccing: Damn you, woman. I'm now on a quest to find the fics I would rec if they hadn't disappeared off into the ether moons and suns ago. This is of course the problem with extremely good writers; they bugger off into other fields or worse yet, become pro-writers and ask that all their fic is removed from its digital archiving.

So. I don't have one for my (closest thing to an) OTP of Lucius/Harry because I can't find it at the moment.

I do have a rec for my second closest thing to an OTP in the HP fandom, which is Harry/Draco, but not a link because it seems to have been taken down from everywhere. I had the foresight to grab a copy though, so if you're interested I can shoot it across. Probably everyone remembers this one but in case not it's

"Happiness Involving A Teahouse", by Nopejr.

Short, pithy, witty, characters stepping on each other's lines, snark, and a wonderful way of backgrounding the situation and story without doing infodump. Many of the lines have stayed with me long (years) after I first read the fic. Example:

Harry growled. "Look, the point is, you were the one who wanted to champion this great cause. You went back of your own free will; don't put it on me."

"Yes, well, as it turned out, what I really wanted was to be incredibly rich and have a house in the country."

"You couldn't have had that epiphany earlier?"

"I was sixteen, Potter. What did I know about life?"

Thinky Thoughts
I read your questions last night and have let them swirl around in the back of brain since then.

I've had several OTP's over the years and they all are different for various reasons. There are some OTP's that like for the show, but I don't read or write fic for because I just can't... John/Delenn for Babylon 5 and John/Aeryn for Farscape. Love the ships, could talk and squee about them, can't write it or read it. I don't understand why other than those two happened on screen and so I have never needed fic about them.

As for the rest of my OTP's, they are in the category of "Never Will / Did Happen on Screen/In the Book and damn it, it should have."

When I got involved in Fandom and LJ it was through Star Trek: Enterprise and my OTP there was Reed/Sato. Mostly because there was nice chemistry between the characters in the first season and while I could see the slash potential between Tucker/Reed, I just liked the Reed/Sato stories I came across better. Shi_Shi's The Protector's Lament hooked me--what a ride.


Then I got sucked into Stargate and Stargate: Atlantis. I'm a Sam/Jack OTP'er all the way. Later on I liked Cameron/Vala (What can I say, those actors have chemistry...) and I'll read a good story about them. But I can't find the story that hooked me on Sam/Jack. I think the author withdrew her stories.

For Stargate: Atlantis I've been a Sheppard/Weir OTP'er since the episodes "The Storm" and "The Eye." Melyanna's Pacific Rim (West Wing /Stargate: Atlantis Crossover) is a story I come back to again and again.


Buffy/Giles. Chemistry, Watcher/Slayer Destiny, the fact that I think fandom gets Buffy and Giles a whole hell of a lot better than Joss did, especially at the end. And fandom makes Buffy a lot more likeable than I think the show did at the end.

I think the fic that really hooked me was Tevye's One Long Summer. At least it's one of the first I remember reading when I first dived into Buffy/Giles.


Curiously enough the fandom I've been reading up a storm in lately has been Harry Potter, Hermione/Severus. I came a across a het reccer's post on it and I think it hit my Buffy/Giles buttons with older man/younger woman pairing.

Second Life by Lariope hooked me and Post Tenebras Lux made me a believer. Both are very different stories. The first has Hermione as an of age student and the second is set ten years after the fall of Voldemort.

Second Life http://ashwinder.sycophanthex.com/viewstory.php?sid=17863&i=1

Post Tenebras Lux: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6578435/1/

Finally, in the category of "once in a while if I find a good one of these, I will read it" Penny/Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. The Paladin Protocol is a fun ride and funny. Think Sheldon in a LARPwith Penny just to start.


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I have several OTP's: Napoleon & Illya, Jack & Daniel, Spock & McCoy (which is the only one I write), Jim & Artie (boy I'm old), House & Wilson, and (of course) Giles & Ethan. Not all my OTP are slash. I'm also quite fond of Giles & Buffy, Ducky & Abby, and Leo & Margaret. [note to self: find something current.] But since Spock and McCoy hooked me first, and since if you're reading this you can always find the wonderful works of Antennapedia, my recommendation would be anything by Marcy, but particularly her Kalevala series http://spockmccoyote.tripod.com/id13.html.