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It werfs flammen.

Today's workout was one of those bread-and-butter workouts. I did exactly three lifts, but I did each of them a lot. The details:

5x5 (means 5 sets of 5 reps) low bar back squat at 165 lbs (75kg)
5x5 bench press @ 85# (38.5kg)
5x3 deadlifts @ 215# (97.5kg)

The demonstration videos feature a very nice shirtless guy. Most of the time I prefer to pick vids that show women doing the lifts, but I was dazzled by the chest and delts today.

The squat weight is starting to get up there, but it's not yet what I'd call respectable. I was dripping with sweat by the end of the fifth set, however: 25 reps is a lot. It demands endurance. The deadlift weight is, to be honest, very light for me. I can rip that up off the floor over and over. The deadlift is my lift! I have legs of doom!

Random Public Health Advocacy: Werf some fucking flammen at that measles shit. Get vaccinated. Punch a homeopathy advocate today. Flammenwerfer. Oh god. I cannot stop laughing.
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The public health advisory had me laughing so hard tears were flowing.

Punch a homeopathy advocate today. OMG. SO. DAMN. FUNNY.
Bucket of fuckin' awesome!

Did you know you can get homeopathic malaria vaccines? Punch 'em indeed.

Homeopathy makes me angry the way few things do. Especially when they attempt to make claims about public health. GAH.