Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

My position in re: the beard: pro.

The soundtrack for today's post is Elderly Yorkie squawking in outrage over her nightly fluids injection. Also cat #1 meeping at me in hapless protest that cat #2 is occupying his cat tree. Oh. Cat #1 has just flung himself up onto my lap in cat #2's usual manner. I call that appropriate revenge. Now the soundtrack is purring.

drsquidlove is passing through town! I had a very nice chat with her yesterday that was ended early by the migraine from hell, which is still lingering with me more than 24 hour later. Yes. Miserable. There I was, sitting with a witty person, unable to do more than hold a hand over my eye and wish that someone would drill a hole in my skull or something. My conversation was limited to "oh god I think I'm going to puke" and no more.

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting excerpt from "Poppies Will Make Him Sleep", as requested in my last post. Will finish when headache subsides.

Semicolongate: …has spawned some new programming languages. This was a very satisfying wank all around.

Tools: A giant list of iOS text editors, with tons of feature information. Great for picking your new Markdown-aware iPad text editor with Dropbox support. (Just get Byword.)
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