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Oh noes! Fics never written meme.

Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.

And because a meme does not a proper post make, here are your amusing links for the day.

Reading: The Green Blade by verityburns. Sherlock casefic, gen. Features Sgt Donovan in a manner I approved of, about which I am being deliberately vague. Check it.

As it turns out, I really really really really cannot read slash in that fandom because I just can't buy it with that Holmes and that Watson. The friendship is, however, as epic as ever for me.

Random Age of Sail: 100 years of ocean travel, visualized. Patterns emerge in this animation of ship's log data. So cool. This is a serious "computers woohoo!" moment for me. We have 100 years of ship location data all together in one place that this guy can access (computers!). He can sort it by time & plot ship locations on a world map (computers!). And then he can animate it so we can watch the progress of ships through their voyages (computers!). He can do this and it doesn't take expensive university computing resources to manage the data & do the rendering-- recent computers! recent software!


Random destruction of the publishing industry: In case you haven't read it already, Charlie Stross on Amazon's ebook strategy. A must-read. I really really hope he's right that the major publishers wise up and dump DRM to defeat Amazon, because defeating Amazon on this would be good. Unless you like monopolies.

Connie Willis's Remake continues to predict the future, an ongoing series: Tupac "performs" at Coachella.

Semicolon followup: In a tragic example of people doing the right thing all around, the Twitter tyro added the semicolon and the Javascript expert updated his minifier to handle that case correctly. Amity ensued.
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But - but the title's the hardest part!

Erm, ok. "Every Watcher Should Be Married". Terrible, but my weak homage to old CG movies.

What I loved best about this story was how you made the ridiculous idea of a forced green card between Buffy and Giles work. Snarky, sexy, and just the right amount of schmoop. Excellent work, you!
I realize you were ambiguous with your "CG", but I had Clark Gable in It Happened One Night in mind just as much as Cary Grant in goofball comedies like Bringing up Baby. In particular because I liked the idea of Buffy in the Claudette Colbert role, though she doesn't have much in common with those two heroines, does she? They're both a little wealthy. She's got the ditz on with Hepburn's character, though, I have to say.

I ended it exactly the same way IHON ended, though, by jumping perspectives to the bed & breakfast proprietor saying to her husband that the Englishman with the chin had asked her the strangest thing: he'd asked if she had a toy trumpet. I liked that technique all around, actually, the repeated brief asides in the points of view of random strangers Buffy & Giles encountered as they traveled from LA to NYC to try to evade Travers's pursuit. Which in the end turned out to be all a misunderstanding; I love the reveal when they figure out he merely wanted to assist with Giles's legal problems. Anyway, the POV trick sort of freed me to jump from location to location along the way east without ever making me spend more time inside cars on interstates than I wanted to.

It was a great story for UST, too, particularly comic because they were married the whole time and unaware of the other's interest. Pure comic setup.
Feel free to write it if inspiration strikes :D Or I'll hang onto the prompt and see if the brain wants to finish it some day.
Do you have any John/Lestrade recs? I read one Mycroft/Lestrade story recently that was decent but not satisfying. I think I could imagine Watson connecting better with Lestrade than Mycroft. (Though I would eat up Mycroft-centric genfic with a spoon, if such a thing exists.)
That was a great link to the article on Amazon. Thanks! Quite apart from the interesting article, it contained a link to Baen Books. I knew about the company from many years ago but only as a book publisher for many of my favourite authors (Moon, Lackey, McMaster Bujold, Weber) and didn't realise that they'd gone into ebooks.

I had a look at their site and I *really* like their business model where, when you buy a book, you actually buy the book instead of 'renting' it as you do in the ridiculous Amazon/Kindle model (which I've never gone for). Once bought, you can then download it any number of times in any of a dozen different formats. Including Kindle format if that's what you want. Very much the "enlightened self interest" style of business.

They also have quite a range of books that are free (eg first one in a series free, the rest not). Even when you buy the books are FAR cheaper than via Amazon. For example, $6 for The Deed of Paksenarrion, vs $22! I just wish they had as great a range of authors!

After a raid of their free section and spending ~$50 I now have reading material for some time to come. :-)
Baen has been getting this right for *ages*. They're up there with O'Reilly Books in leading the publishing industry on tech. $6 for Paksenarrion is a major deal for readers, and probably still solid profit for Baen & Elizabeth Moon both after all those years in print.
Do you know of any other publishers who have a similar deal? I am primarily a reader of SF and Fantasy but I do read other authors too. Plus a lot of my favourite authors aren't with Baen. I've bookmarked O'Reilly but I'm not looking for tech manuals at the moment.

ETD: I did a bit of searching but without much success. The only ones I found were somewhat similar to Amazon in that, even when they offered a purchase model rather than a rent one, they still only allowed download to their proprietary software. I'm quite happy with what I have! (Calibre on the PC and Aldiko on the Android phone.)

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