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Giles fans notoriously hate snark. Also sarcasm.

Poll results are in and they say that you people like snark. Whoever could have predicted that? Not me, no way. You guys never vote for snark in these polls.

Let's see, what else? Buffy won by a landslide, with the next contender being the library-era Scooby ensemble. Most of you want romance, though a sizeable minority want action/adventure. You want scorching snark with no fannish tropes. The resulting fic will get tagged with magic and tea for sure, and maybe swords and rain.

Also, you put butter on your toast. Maybe with jam.

This story specification puts it firmly in my wheelhouse. You guys are throwing me a breaking ball that doesn't break! You didn't even vote for mpreg! Well, two brave souls voted for mpreg. <3

Prompts! Some chewy ones here:

Happy calm between storms. A better prompt for romance than action/adventure.
Driving in France on holiday, but stuff happens, as it always does for them. This one would be titled "Road to France" and it would contain a Bob Hope cameo.
What happens after ThisIsZircon's "Only Connect" I would love to know this as well, but I think thisiszircon should be coaxed into telling us herself. Darn it!
fun in the sun Does not mesh well with "rain". Hrm.
Something with Giles being overconfident to mask his insecurities and Xander being funny to mask his I can work with these character points...
Post Checkpoint, Core 4, "That felt good. We kicked collective Watchers' Council ass."
Willow's spell goes awry -- Giles gets wings. (Somebody seconded this one.)

I am very tempted to combine those last two prompts. Very, very tempted. Massively. You can't stop me, bwahahahahah!
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