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I am now officially trying to stay caught up.

Caught up, commenting, participating, all that jazz. Perhaps even ficcing a little. Don't hold me to that. I have so many projects and so little waking time. Only 16 hours per day. Totally not enough.

Sometimes, in order to rev up the writing engines, I re-read things I have posted in the past. Sometimes this works: I read a story and think, hey, that wasn't so awful, I maybe know how this story construction thing works, I can do this again! Sometimes I read one and think, oh dear oh dear oh dear wtf was I thinking? I just re-read the little sequel to "An Antique Roman" and immediately edited my fic archive to give it the tag "sentimental tripe". Very sweet tripe. Maybe "sentimental trifle"?

Perhaps I should add that to the short list of things I warn for, right after "songfic". That story should also warn for "guitar porn".

I also note that I seem to have a thing about shaggy-haired Xander. I guess I never got into short-haired Nick Brendan.

I think I shall avoid the Internet for the next 24 hours. But this one was funny. Photos of earnest bearded nerds spooning are always funny.
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