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Picspammage over in picspam shallow visual communication land.

I picspammed for the first episode of the 1967 BBC Forsyte Saga over on my tumblr. Well, it was a Soames picspam not a full episode picspam. I'll widen my scope when I do episode 2, "A Family Scandal". There will be Nyree Dawn Porter spam to match the Eric Porter spam.

Thus I demonstrate that I am not as mono-fannish as all that. I am secretly duo-fannish. It's just that there's no active fandom for The Forsyte Saga. No fic, no newletters, no ship wars, no kink meme with people requesting Soames/Winifred dubcon incest or Soames/Young Jolyon hatesex with watersports, Jo tops. Thank goodness. I don't think I could cope.

Apparently the Clarke shortlist sucks: Compare Nina Allen and Christopher Priest, who have the same reaction expressed rather differently. Am possibly out of step with the mainstream of reaction, in that I think Priest was being completely reasonable. His reaction to the Miéville novel is more sadness about unachieved potential than anything else, and he's right about the Tepper. But consider the good news! This means that SF awards wank season is incoming. Look forward to more hyper-literate sniping about the Hugo list soon!

Music: I have episodes 1 to 100 of The Future Sound of Egypt in my collection and I have just been listening to them in order and I cannot complain about it. Great work music.
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