Giles/Xander happy couple

It was a movie-tastic weekend for us.

We also watched The Adventures of Tintin, aka "The Secret of the Unicorn". This was just plain good. Good adaptation, faithful to the spirit and tone of its source material, lots of visual comedy that took advantage of the medium, good voice acting (Daniel Craig! Simon Pegg & Nick Frost as Thomson and Thompson!), and exactly the kind of plot that Spielberg does well with. Recommended.

We ventured into a Hunger Games-crowded movie theater on Sunday to see John Carter of Mars aka A Princess of Mars before it vanished from the theaters. And oh my god, I was reminded of why I prefer to watch movies on my television screen. Ear-bleeding volume, endless advertising beforehand, a succession of idiotic trailers. Gah.

I liked the John Carter movie. It was exactly what it pretended to be: a big, stupid, fun B movie. Cool sets, nifty chases, a big dumb loyal dog-thing, a beautiful princess to rescue, an evil villain to thwart. This movie was so much better-written than that self-congratulatory mess Hugo that I got grumpy thinking about it.
Did this exact thing almost. Was very fun to walk past all the 12 year olds waiting in long lines to see The Hunger Games while my family and I were just like /sees John Carter. The movie was pretty fun, I liked the 4 armed guys and how the one boss guy was all ~~wisdomy even though his race was barbaric.