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Apropos of nothing in particular...

Sudden thought: knotting trope fic with Giles/Buffy. Would possibly read knotting fic if it involved Buffy. Or I'd take Xander/Buffy. Anything but the Generic Any Two Guys Slash versions of it that I've seen.

Note that I mean knotting fic specifically, not the Alpha/Omega thing which is the usual gender essentialist idfic, but not the kind of idfic I personally enjoy. Unless you write it het with the woman topping, which would be amusing. Turn Gor around and have all those muscled men writhing around naked longing to be pegged.

Right, just going to leave you with that image. Carry on.
Okay. You are too cutting edge.

I tried googling for a definition, but just ended up on scary RPS sites that still didn't explain.

What is knotting?

Yeah, I had a horrible time figuring it out, too, because all the examples are in Supernatural RPS.

Knotting: the penis swells up into a knot after penetration, preventing the couple from parting until the top is fully sated or subsides at last because __fill in your explanation here__. It's a forced intimacy trope in some ways: can't end contact for hours post-fucking, or must keep fucking. Also a little bit animalistic. Also allows a lot of scope for descriptions of penetration by a large thing, from either perspective.

You can see how this offers a lot of slashy fun.

It often comes along with something called the "Alpha/Omega verse" trope. Alphas are manly men who top. Omegas are bottomly men who go into heat and must be fucked, and are irresistably drawn to the alphas to whom they have no choice but to submit because it is biology. There might or might not be a category of Betas who look on this writhing around with detachment. Lots of attraction there in that trope, as you can imagine.
Hmm. Thank you.

I can't actually imagine how that stays interesting. Which is not to say I don't believe it can; I just can't imagine. You know how I loves me some forced intimacy, but the sexin' tends to work better with a breather between... and some positional variation. Wouldn't it just end up being thrust-thrust-thrust?

Even the potential for Xander to panic and being stuck this way while Giles gets stroppy and impatient doesn't tug me.

Alpha/Omega sounds like more of a draw. Especially if Giles and Xander are both Omegas in heat, writhing and begging Buffy for attention.

I can only get into the alpha-omega thing if it's subverted that way. Otherwise I read it as the usual Gigantic Permission to Enjoy Sex Issues on display. But heh, I would really enjoy it turned around like that. Season four Scoobies. The two men both turn out to be omegas. Buffy turns out to be an alpha (Slayers always are, perhaps). Willow & Oz are detached and amused betas. Giles & Xander, who have been spending a lot of time together, have managed to synchronize their cycles (lolbiology) and go into heat together. Hijinks ensue.

And now of course I must write a knotting fic to prove it can be done in a way that maintains interest. This is why I'm making the Grand Tour of fandom's cliches, one at a time: proving to myself that they're all secretly interesting and the foundation of good stories. I probably won't be able to bring myself to write a five things fic, though. I'm really tired of metafiction.
Heh. It's your lj-responding day.

If you like, we can team up to cover the Grand Tour. I've covered Five Things and Second Person and KidFic, three of fandom's great horrors.

Ditto. And here I thought I knew just about everything kinky, lol. But if the_emu had trouble googing it, I figured it's best to ask you directly.
See above! I haven't read enough of the trope to do it justice, probably, but that's the nut of it.
Unless you write it het with the woman topping, which would be amusing.

There are one or two things out there like this - not Buffyverse - but not nearly enough. Alas. I have ambitions of writing a longish female!alpha/male!omega fic, but it'd be pretty light on the porn, which I gather is what you're looking for. Also, again, not Buffyverse.
If you treat it as a forced intimacy trope primarily, you have what I'm truly seeking with it. Porn... such a troubled relationship with it right now. When a writer really knows what they're doing and isn't giving me the same tired fanfic cliches over and over, I'll read it gratefully. Most of the time I just skim right past it. I read this really long Watson as army doctor in modern Afghanistan thing, with Sherlock as civilian solving some political thriller plot, and I had to skip over every single freaking porn sequence to get at the good stuff, which meant I ended up reading only 1/3rd of the prose or so. Uh. Apparently I have grumpy feelings about pron in fic.