Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

My cat is reading the Rust language tutorial with me.

Or at least that's the reason he gave for absolutely needing to be between me & my laptop just now.

I haz a blue dargon, as we gamers say. Thank you, agilesreader!

I should do another screencast to show you the current state of the project. Or something. It is simultaneously cool and exciting and incredibly overwhelming and depressing for me right now. I spent the last month deepening my client-side javascript expertise in a big way. Have graduated from jquery plugin user to jquery plugin author to person who writes little sub-frameworks for the microframeworks that I’ve chosen to use instead of jquery because [insert tedious technical opinion here].

If it all crashes and burns I’ll have at least made my resume weirdly more diverse.

Star Warsy: The Machete suggested viewing order I’ll spoil it: the Machete order is IV, V, II, III, VI. He gives his rationale and the results of a showing to a fresh Star Wars viewer; I find it persuasive. You will note that Episode I doesn’t appear in the list. This relieves everybody except the Qui-Gon fans, which are the only kind of SW fans reading this so… oh dear.

Single-topic tumblog of the day: Hipster Animals. My personal favorite: cape buffalo, aka McSweeney’s man-crush stenographic novelist.

Tags: project, random

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