Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

This is the WTF entry.

Time is passing for me in a blur. I am more or less working 12 hours a day. Some of those hours are spent more effectively than others. Occasionally I get to implement a user-facing feature. This week, not so much. This week I've spent wearing the System Administrator Hat. Want to talk about data sharding schemes? How about replica sets? I have a lot to say about them. Wait, no, come back!

I wrote some coffeeshop AU the other night, though. I might write some more tonight. I have a scene set at Ethan's, the rival coffeeshop that makes this particular espresso drink that Buffy loves a lot. Giles is convinced that… well, never mind what. I'll get there.

Not making this up: British Catholic teens got sex education straight out of a John Norman Gor novel. No, I mean literally. As in lifted from a Gor novel. WTF.

Single-topic tumblog of the week: Citation Needed. The best of wikipedia's worst writing.
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