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My favorite musical genre is "untouched by human hands".

Wrote some stuff. Did some programming. Lifted some weights, carefully, without involving my shoulder (harder than expected given that your shoulder works any time you use your arms). Tweeted some stuff. Served as a sleeping platform for cats. Also as a can opener for cats.

The usual.

Redditbomb: Something Awful decided to do something about child porn on Reddit. And succeeded, sort of. The Metafilter discussion has more on the topic. Things to know: It really was the bad stuff, not just creepily-repurposed photos (which are quite possibly illegal in the US when collected for those purposes). Reddit's admins have almost certainly known about it all along. The main perp is their buddy and has no doubt already created more subreddits with the usual filth in them, because he has nothing to fear from Reddit.

Also, this inevitably happens with forums that allow so much user freedom. The problem is only partly with Reddit. It's mostly with human beings. Human beings can suck. This is not to let Reddit off the hook, though, because they have done less than the minimum required for human decency.

Feats of strength: This is a pretty awesome Turkish get-up. With another person.

Gnee! Gnee! MicroJS! My new trendy hobby. Now that I know a little more about what I'm doing, I'm slowly abandoning jquery & its plugin ecosystem for something smaller & faster. And more hand-crafted. Will probably yammer about this a bit over on my real-life blog thing.

Today's track: Baths, "Rafting Starlit Everglades. Abstract, a little glitchy, but pretty and melodic and warm despite it.
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