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Today's track is too famous to write a blurb about.

I have emerged with my shaven yak and it turns out that yes, I did need the yak hair, and as I popped the various tasks off the stack the whole Tibetan expedition looked more and more worthwhile. And just now I did a test that was simply freaking awesome. So fast.

If you’re curious about what I’m up to, check out this post on single-page web architecture done right. I’m not using any of the tools he mentions, because my back end is in Ruby and ditching Backbone was the point of yesterday’s shaving exercise. But that’s the basic idea.

This stuff’s cool, man.

Sherlockiana: I quite liked this “Scandal in Belgravia” art, seen on Bleeding Cool & retweeted by the Moff himself so you probably all already saw it, but just in case I link.

I think maybe I’ll spend today not writing software. I need to write fiction just as a mental break.

One more thing: A single-topic tumblog I've been enjoying recently. All about interior design. Cough. My single favorite post is probably this one.

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Have you considered adding some sort of function (WAY down the line at the bottom of stuffeses) for editing tags on multiple posts/fic? Yesterday I had to manually go through each fic on AO3 and add a new tag, that hadn't been there before. I kept grumbling about it, thinking "would it have been so hard to do a multiple tag edit? Really?" Of course, I'm so out of practice coding that it might well be (like time I coded was in php over a weekend to translate a page from asp to php as a beta site)

Also, I had to laugh and realize that I might be overseas too long. You said Tibetan expedition, I was going to warn you to MAKE SURE to register with the Embassy in China and be very careful. LOL
Tag editing on multiple items: onto the feature list it goes.

Do you like the way pinboard does this, by the way? Or do you have an example that works the way you like it?
If I say I have never used Pinboard will you take away my fandom cred? Personally for bookmark management I use Xmarks, which has it's own problems, but I like.

I do not like the way that AO3 does it where I have to click each one individually. I'm trying to think of an example of mass editing that I like, but I'll be honest entertaining the head of IT for all of South Central Asia has addled my brains a bit (hers too). Can I get back to you?
Fuck that tumblog. It's funny!

But then I love anything that includes the word fuck. I am twelve.