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Mid-week woot moment.

Hey hey, we got 16 stories for drunken!Giles 2011! That was awesome! (And secretly I will add any more I get to the list even though it's February now. Don't tell anyone.) I am nearly caught up with my reading. I just finished reading this one:

chevron17: Drink and the Demon - gen, FRT

And you should go read it too because it's a fun season 4 tale that involves a bottle of Scotch and a little demon puzzle. And then some more Scotch.

Fitness: The upside of the shoulder injury (strictly speaking: the bad strain of my pec minor) is that it doesn't get in the way of back squatting. As you know, Bob, the back squat is the king of exercises, the one exercise you should do if you're doing only one. (You may substitute climbing real stairs for squatting if you have stairs but no barbells handy. Real stairs. Not fake ones.) Where was I? Squatting. Best single exercise ever. Today's variant was the box squat, where you squat until your butt hits a box then stand up again. Today's one-rep max, a new personal best: 225#. I can now box squat the equivalent of my husband plus both cats! Maybe the dog, too. She's down under 4 pounds just now.

I haz legs of doom. Phear me.

Randomly political: Mitt Romney and the uncanny valley. Why Romney creeps people out, more or less.
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