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In which there is nerd humor.

Uh… what have I got for you? I dunno. I have been mostly quiet on my fannish Twitter. Noisy as usual on my real-life one. Oh, I've got one thing: I decided that my shoulder injury is bad enough that there's no way I'm competing in my powerlifting meet next month. I'm less than four weeks away and I still can't do two of the three lifts the meet involves. SOL. My own damn fault, too.

I am a little blue about it, but there will be others in the future. My muscle strain will heal itself eventually.


As I type cat #2, aka Ms Inky Blot, is crouched on top of her catnip pillow as if she's hatching an egg. Possibly she's hoping that it will hatch into many catnip mice. She allowed me to pull it out and hold it up at face level while she mashed her nose into it. This is my lot in life. Next I will carry Mr Cow to the kitchen to show him that his food bowl is full, whereupon he will say "wow! look at that!" and mash his nose into it gratefully. Why he can't walk out there and look for himself, I'll never know.

But I have no heart for doing anything but indulge my pets right now.

Otherwise my brain is jammed full of software things. I have been continuing to read ferociously but all in technical topics that are mostly boring. Unless you want to hear about web sockets? They're pretty cool and are about to enable a whole bunch of nifty things in the browser for your amusement. No? What's wrong with you?

Programmer humor: A very short talk entitled "WAT". On ruby & javascript, the two languages I am writing my current project in. Once you've caught your breath again, you might read this brief history of programming languages. Well, okay, that one's full of in-jokes, but the video should be funny to anybody who's done any programming at any level.

Also funny: the short movie "Shit Programmers Say." Chillingly accurate.

Privacy and "free" services: "The Trouble With Free. All about the trap Google and many other "free" web services set for themselves and for you when they give something away. They have to pay for it somehow. Guess how.

Watching TV the same day it's aired: Salon on Downton Abbey. Fill in Sherlock if you're into that instead. Or if you're not in the US, fill in the name of practically any American TV show you're interested in. Gabe Newell of Valve Software could tell them how to avoid their piracy problem: provide a better service.
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