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How many baths can one usefully take in a day?

I did a lot of catching up on the flist this weekend as well as a lot of work on Giant Solo Project. There's one thing I want to point out to you specially, in case you missed it:

mythichistorian: I Ven Eden parts 1-9 - Giles & Buffy in Middle-Earth. It all starts with a sudden fog and a barrow wight.

Internet search: Annoyed with how the goog is warping search results to promote Google+ far beyond its value to anybody who doesn't work in the former Silicon Graphics building off Shoreline? Try the Don't Be Evil bookmarklet. This uses Google itself to give you a more relevant search results page than the one Google gives you by default. Some context for the hack.

Or you could switch to a new search service like DuckDuckGo. Google itself was once an unknown new service with a silly name, back in the AltaVista and Yahoo days. I begin to believe that we need fresh blood in this space.

Sherlockiana: I'm beginning to think that fandom has a porn problem. Note the equation of fanfic with prawn. Again. It is what outsiders think of when they think of us. Sigh. Also note that the actor who plays Molly Hooper is pretty interesting. I am a big fan of unapologetic feminism.

More on anti-copyrightmania: The EFF has a roundup on anti-SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA stuff going on. If you're in the US, the EFF is a good organization to donate to or work with in whatever way you choose.
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Google's search has really kinda fallen off a cliff in recent months. It reminds me of late 90s portal sites these days, not the clean lean just-the-results-ma'am Google we all fell in love with way back when.

So I voted with my feet.
I don't think it's fandom that has the porn problem. Apparently that was one of the first ever BBC-verse fics about Molly that showed up on a kink meme. It's a very specific set of circumstances/genres that it's interacting with. The tough part is fandom is a collection of a variety of subcultures and people have either forgotten their Fisk/Hall/Birmingham school (or haven't read it/don't care about it) where they suggest that when someone from dominant culture goes and looks at the subculture they actually aren't ever going to see at play the variety of meanings being created (even from Molly nipple piercing has sex with Moriarty fic). And that the outsider perspective most often reproduces colonial anthropology discourses of "look at the savages, all they do is have sex!" I found the rest of the interview pretty interesting, and absolutely adore her for being unabashed about her feminism.