Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Cat politics.

I'm in bed with the laptop. I would get up and make morning coffee, but cat #1 is sprawled across my chest asleep. Wait, not asleep! Cat #2 has just padded in and he sat up enough to watch her progress suspiciously. There are politics. It's been raining hard and she's been indoors instead of out, and occupying his cat tree. Very upsetting. Sometimes they spat and sometimes they cuddle up, and I can never figure out why they choose to do either one.

Cat politics.

Now he has abandoned me to go occupy my armchair. Harrumph.

Novel: Deep in editing, but moving very slowly.

Project: I made an alpha blockers list today and resolved to knock off one item a day at least until I hit alpha-ready. Then it gets interesting.

Random: Hitler reacts to SOPA.

Speaking of which: So SOPA is dead for now, but the media conglomerates will come back to try again. History tells us this. Here's Marco Arment on what we actually need to do. Hint: it involves money. Also personal sacrifice. Yeah, slacktivism is bullshit, you know? The people who called their reps mattered a lot, though. (My rep was already in opposition. She knows her constituency.)

It could also involve something like this. Discussion over here, with the usual Hacker News disclaimers. The tech industry employs a lot more people than Hollywood does, I note, and this approach is a constructive do-new-things one.
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