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Oh noes! Story question meme

Ask me anything you want about any of my stories (which are all here on LJ): how I thought of the idea, what I did to write it, what I was thinking when I wrote it, what I feel about it now, what I wish I’d done differently, etc. Or ask any of the characters from particular stories something you want to know, and get an answer from them. Or both.

But first, I must go around asking other writers annoying questions about their stories...
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For NLB!Giles:

How much do you remember of the hours at the hospital with Xander, and then back at the house?

(I would ask about what happened when you woke up the next morning, but I don't want to spoil the story.)
Hmm, I wonder why you ask that. Xander has never told me anything, other than to say that he didn't know I could swear like that, and that I did permanent damage to his respect for authority figures. It's hazy, all of it, possibly because of the drugs. I remember that he was there.

I haven't a very clear memory of the whole experience, truthfully. I was forced to revisit it when I wrote my monthly report for the Council, just last week, but I found I had little to write. I cribbed from my hospital records for that one. I confess I left out a few details. None of their business. That report was a masterpiece of formal distance and misdirection. Or at least I assume it was. I haven't been able to re-read it.

I have painfully clear memories of waking up to find Willow and Xander in bed with me. Hideously embarrassing. All those pitying looks from Willow. Xander at least let me save some face by joking about how uncomfortable the floor had turned out to be. And yet... there's no going back. I'm not the same man I was before the, the incident. I feel as if something has been burned out of me. What I mean by that, I don't know. Possibly it's nonsense.

Eerie to think that one's fingers were broken, deliberately, but one cannot recall anything of the incident. I dream about it, though. Sometimes I dream that Buffy is there. Sometimes she rescues me. Sometimes she-- Well. I was grateful that Xander had moved his sleeping bag to the floor next to my bed. Some day I might find a way to tell him that.
Well since you asked me one, let's ask you one.

What kinds of things are Giles and Xander doing in your head and do you plan on writing about them?
I have three very different versions of the Giles-Xander relationship going in my head. Two are standard takes, and one possibly not so. (Or so I hope. With characters so well-explored in fanfic, it's hard to find untrodden snow.)

The one in the N-LBS (which Kivrin has just kicked foremost in my brain) is the father-son relationship. I have a particular view of Giles in that story (not revealed in the two excerpts I've posted) and the psychology of Watchers in general, that make the development of that relationship somewhat inevitable. Xander's arc in that story is a coming of age thing, and he ends up as an adult standing at Giles' side. I set out to write that as Giles and Willow, but found that I wanted to spend more time with Xander. I think canon developed Willow at Xander's expense, and what does fanfic exist for if not to let us fix these injustices?

The Cour Four Xander is the one I don't have a great handle on yet, but the one I see the most possibilities for. He is the Heart, and I've had that in mind since I wrote the first word of that story. He was the instigator of their initial emotional connection, and the primary instigator of all group sexual contact. He has his protective side, demonstrated in the interaction with Joyce, and what I think is a strong temper. He is going to pull Giles out of his shell, possibly by taking a sledgehammer to it. That relationship will be good for both of them, eventually. Giles is going to have to find a way to be more emotionally available to Xander, however. Xander needs things he's not yet getting. I also sort of intend to flip the usual Xander-is-insecure thing around, and have Giles be the one with the insecurities-- the incident with Joyce & some further development with her are triggers; also I want the deep Watcher/Slayer stuff he'll be doing with Buffy to set off some fears. Xander will be his rock. Or so I'm thinking at the moment. Willow is going to be causing problems for them all soon, and Buffy is going to feel like a responsibility to Giles, so Xander can be his source of emotional strength.

Though maybe I'm giving away too much of my plans.

Then there's the frivolous straight (uh, cough, you know what I mean) G/X thing I have going. I think I'll return to that just for fun now and then. That Giles had same-sex experience going into the relationship, though he allowed Xander to set the pace of their initial encounters. But I'm likely to continue to play that for comedy and pure smut pleasure.
Oh I totally agree that canon failed Xander in a lot of ways. He's so misunderstood. I think this is why I'm really into Buffy/Xander(or just Xander) at the moment. Xander is the truest hero of all the Scoobies, fighting despite having no special skills.

And there is nothing wrong with dong something for pure smut pleasure! My next Core Four thing will have a healthy dose of smut in it!
Thanks for the great reply from NLB!Giles. I loved seeing his pov.

Can I ask why you swapped hands, or will that be revealed in due course?