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Today's the day of the SOPA protest blackout for many Internet sites. I support this blackout wholeheartedly, as should any fic-reading or -writing fan. We're in the murky area of copyright law in the US, and this is a proposed US law that could see our hobby driven completely underground without any court action at all. Thought the DCMA was bad? This is worse. This one would give giant media corporations the power to break the fundamental transports behind the Internet. It doesn't matter if you're not in the US with this law.

So! Annoy Rupert Murdoch. Sign Google's petition. Or the EFF's. I like the EFF.

And then when you're done, laugh and weep at the ignoramuses being retweeted by Herpderpedia. Think some of them vote? I kinda hope not.
I'd love to sign the Google petition but they won't allow it! If you can't put in a valid US zipcode then it rejects your attempt. Now I can understand that they're interested in collecting the zipcodes so that they can pass this on as info to Congressional reps but considering the international repercussions and Google's worldwide influence it is simply stupid not to provide an alternative to users in other countries to become involved. Google Australia is doing nothing.

Perhaps they feel that US legislators will feel that the views of the rest of the world are irrelevant?
wow, checked out some of those tweets, some of my favorites just showing how far teenagers have fallen: "I CANT USE WIKIPEDIA. This is bullshit, someone call whoever this soap guy is and tell him to stop being an ASS." and since wikipedia is down "i can't do my homework" seriously?! i saw some version of that one i don't know how many times. it's really disturbing to me how many young people apparently rely solely on wiki for info, especially since a lot of it is supplied by users and isn't necessarily "official" information. have they never been taught what a library is for.

of course at the same time, they all complained that it was down and "wtf? why?!" but apaprently none of them bothered to read the information provided about it. i really hope this thing doesn't go through and i commend all the major sites that protested against it. i think it's funny how they can condemn foreign countries for regulating information provided but then want to do something like this. hoepfully saner mines will prevail