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Simplicity's the crucial thing / systemically of course.

Today, for complicated reasons involving "future plans", I embarked on a node.js version of my LJ account backup tool. The current version is written in python, a language I am not using in my current project, and I need that functionality in either ruby or javascript. I also need more experience with node.js and js, so Javascript it is… and god, what a horrible language it is. The V8 engine is a wonderful implementation of a terrible, terrible thing. Everybody knows it, too, but the world has been stuck with it since Netscape shipped their 1.0 too damn early.

I spent my day grumpy.

To un-grump, I caught up with thea_bromine's latest story, "Phase Changes", which is all about Giles, Xander, and Willow. Check it.

Music: Today's track is one of the more surreal covers of a famous song: Eno takes on "Wimoweh", cocktail-lounge rhythm machine chugging away. That same sound was about to be put to more sublime use on Another Green World, the best recording the 70s gave us bar none and I will go to the mat to defend that statement. And I will bring a knife, so watch out.

If you'd like a strange B side for that single, try the single most obscene song I am aware of, "The Seven Deadly Finns". Safe for work, because the obscenity is all double-entendre. Yodeling plus a shout-out to Norbert Weiner in one song, yes, that must be Eno. Back when he was interesting. Oh, dear, my past: I owned both of those in bootleg vinyl form long before they got legit releases on his boxed set. For more, try this YouTube playlist.

Postscript: The vimeo link for AGW reminds me of everything I loved and hated about vinyl. The 12" album art to enjoy… the needle dropping in the wrong place and skipping the first seconds of the track. The wobbles, the pops, the infinite possibilities hidden in the white noise of the needle slowly destroying the record as it plays.
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