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Great meta on "Scandal" and fannish reactions.

Stop everything & read this essay by jblum on fandom's odd reactions to Moffat and his adaptation of "A Scandal in Bohemia". It offers another reading of that final scene that I found fascinating and persuasive.

It also goes into the fannish impulse toward black & white interpretations that undoes the fannish experience of complex characters. The fannish woobification of evil-but-complex Spike is an example of the pattern in action here. Holmes is an ass; Lestrade calls him a great man who might someday be good. The series is us watching that transformation, not seeing the end result. (As with Spike, yes? The change is what's interesting. Always-been-good Spike is boring.)

Anyway, read it and discuss there or here in the safety of friends. Many thanks to snickfic for the link!
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