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Dispatches from the front.

This week my beloved spousal unit bought me a bunch of computer components, which I assembled inside a rackmount case we had lying around. We are definitely the sort of people who have > 10 working and non-working computers sitting around in corners at any given time. This is an occupational hazard. So is being entranced by the sexiest power supply ever. Anyway, I built it, installed Ubuntu 11 server on it, built a bunch of software for it, and then taught myself some new sysadmin skills.

I are trendy. I are doing devops.

I made a diagram to remind myself what talks to what and how, then I learned how to play God. Then I fired it up. It is, how shall we say? just a teensy bit faster at running all this stuff than my Macbook Air is. Best belated Christmas present ever.

I watched last weekend's Sherlock and enjoyed it, though not quite as much as the "Scandal in Bohemia" script. I wanted to re-read "Hound" before I wrote up my thoughts overall, however. This one struck me as the most interesting adaptation of the scripts; it was primarily adaptation of well-known story, and not the riffing-from-the-starting-point that the other scripts have mostly been. Though now that I think about it, "A Study in Scarlet/Pink" was adaptation-stunting as well, and that was by far my favorite of the first three.

Anyway: wanted to re-read ACD. Forgot to make time for it. Might do that today in the bath. I have read zero other fannish reaction about it, but I am going to make one wild guess: They liked it a lot better than the one that prominently featured a woman flirting with Holmes. Oh fandom, how I wish you would change.

Music: Today's track. Another easy-to-like one. I liked Ottaviani's set for ASOT 450, too.

EDIT: Wow, I am already too used to being able to type Markdown in anything that has a text field. I forgot that I can't just do that on LJ. Snort. Also, I love that Wikipedia article, in the sense of "enjoy laughing at". Primary sources aren't as reliable as third-party sources, guys! Link to an garbled mainstream journo's article about the tool, not to the tool's documentation! It's more authoritative that way!
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