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This week my beloved spousal unit bought me a bunch of computer components, which I assembled inside a rackmount case we had lying around. We are definitely the sort of people who have > 10 working and non-working computers sitting around in corners at any given time. This is an occupational hazard. So is being entranced by the sexiest power supply ever. Anyway, I built it, installed Ubuntu 11 server on it, built a bunch of software for it, and then taught myself some new sysadmin skills.

I are trendy. I are doing devops.

I made a diagram to remind myself what talks to what and how, then I learned how to play God. Then I fired it up. It is, how shall we say? just a teensy bit faster at running all this stuff than my Macbook Air is. Best belated Christmas present ever.

I watched last weekend's Sherlock and enjoyed it, though not quite as much as the "Scandal in Bohemia" script. I wanted to re-read "Hound" before I wrote up my thoughts overall, however. This one struck me as the most interesting adaptation of the scripts; it was primarily adaptation of well-known story, and not the riffing-from-the-starting-point that the other scripts have mostly been. Though now that I think about it, "A Study in Scarlet/Pink" was adaptation-stunting as well, and that was by far my favorite of the first three.

Anyway: wanted to re-read ACD. Forgot to make time for it. Might do that today in the bath. I have read zero other fannish reaction about it, but I am going to make one wild guess: They liked it a lot better than the one that prominently featured a woman flirting with Holmes. Oh fandom, how I wish you would change.

Music: Today's track. Another easy-to-like one. I liked Ottaviani's set for ASOT 450, too.

EDIT: Wow, I am already too used to being able to type Markdown in anything that has a text field. I forgot that I can't just do that on LJ. Snort. Also, I love that Wikipedia article, in the sense of "enjoy laughing at". Primary sources aren't as reliable as third-party sources, guys! Link to an garbled mainstream journo's article about the tool, not to the tool's documentation! It's more authoritative that way!
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I was pissed off with the shipwar idjits posing as feminists in the anon thread about "Scandal" & Moffat's writing last week, so pissed off that I decided to take a nice long break from the meme. This might or might not be my hot-button issue.
I liked "Scandal" WAY more than "Hounds". Mostly, because I haven't finished "Hounds" yet. I keep getting bored halfway through. Not really sure if it's me or if it's the episode, though.
We found it a bit easy to predict the plot, though some of that was familiarity with the source story. Have you read the original recently? The ep really went for the atmospheric horror ACD was going for with his descriptions of the moor. (I did indeed spend some time in the bath today reading it :D.)
I'm almost afraid to admit this, but I've never read any of the original ACD stories. >.< Part of it was a desire to not be into the things my mom was, if that makes sense. I'll look some of them up when this semester is over. Any suggestions on what to start with?
Heh. They're a bit hacky, because ACD was a hack, but the good ones are a lot of fun. Start with A Study in Scarlet, which is the story of how Watson meets Holmes, and then continue with the first collection of short stories, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Most of the famous ones are in that first burst of work. After that, if you're still into it, you can continue with the further collections. All are well out of copyright so they're easily read online.

Hound is pretty famous and should probably be read as well, just for familiarity with the famous stuff. It's novel-length. Well, short for a novel these days, but definitely much longer than the short stories.