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If I had a stompstompstomp icon, I'd be using it.

Wrenched my shoulder good today doing something I've done a million times before at a warmup weight. I have no idea how. A moment's inattention, perhaps. Anyway, freaking awesome timing, because earlier in the morning I'd mailed off my registration form & entry fee for the weightlfting meet in February. I might yet be able to go & lift, but this kinda screws up my training schedule. A lot. Have been in a bad mood all day about it, probably because it hurts.

I am behind on everything that is not writing software at the moment. No, wait, I'm behind on that, too. I was useless today and got nothing done. Right now I am being comforted by Ms Inky Blot, who is sitting on my chest, purring, and obstructing my view of my laptop screen. When she falls asleep with her head on my injured shoulder in a couple of minutes and I can read it again, I'll catch up with Drunken!Giles fic. Of which there isn't much yet. Including no finished story from me yet, either, so I am as guilty as anybody. :(

Music: I am, to my embarrassment, completely stuck on They Might Be Giants' cover of "Tubthumping". Well, I love TMBG and the song is hooky, so what can you do?
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