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I couldn't come up with a title.

I rewatched the original Karate Kid yesterday. I think I hadn't seen it since it was originally in theaters. I found that indeed, it was a decent movie, improbable but well-constructed and fun. And of course it does the mentor/student thing to the extreme, which hits me hard. Not talking anything shippy here, just the core relationship.

Now I want Giles/Xander fic, gen frienshippy or shippy don't care which, where Giles teaches Xander to fight demons. The motivation would be simple survival. The training would have to be quite different from Buffy's, because of course Buffy comes with super strength and reflexes built in. Xander starts with testosterone but no other advantages.

Alternatively, hardcore Watcher-Slayer training fic, in which Giles teaches Buffy something even the Slayer finds difficult. Gen or shippy, whichever floats the boat upon which Buffy will stand to demonstrate her balance.

Into the fic ideas file they go, where they will sit for ages. Or where you will snag them.

Mental whiplash department: Three musical links for you today.

Luke Bond feat Emel: "Amaze". My fave progressive trance tune of the moment.

"The Amen Break": the samples behind an Economist article on a much-sampled drum break and its appearance in hip-hop and jungle. Awesome stuff across a variety of genres. I don't like most of those tracks, but it's cool to listen to that sample evolve through them.

• New Solar Fields, "Until we meet the sky". My favorite psychill/ambient/electronic artist, recording for the amazing Ultimae label. Listen for free on Bandcamp.
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