Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Procrastination is a way of life, man.

Today is a novel-writing day so I am emphatically not writing software. Nor am I reading articles about new thingies in the world of software, nor am I reading documentation for packages I am considering using, nor I am speed-skimming source to learn how to use them.

Instead I am procrastinating.

I do love my characters. Last night I left two of them on a rooftop watching a riot while they cleverly hide the insignia that identifies them as members of an unpopular faction, because they're members of that faction because of circumstance not choice and they would rather not have their heads cracked for it. Though they're sort of tempted to join the riot… on opposite sides from each other. They go drinking instead.

Later on the drinking part will not be such an option and sides must be taken, of course. But this is complicated and must be procrastinated from. Vigorously. But not by writing software!

Flip side is "charge money": "Don't be a free user". See also: why I am a Pinboard customer several times over instead of a Delicious user. If you don't see a revenue model, don't trust it. Whatever it is. It might go away in an eyeblink. The founders are planning on cashing out as soon as they can. If they can't, they'll fold without caring.
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