Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

In the "funny little man" mold.

I have been madly busy the last few days with projects. It's been a pleasant sort of busy but it means I'm sitting here at 7pm thinking uh oh I have to catch up on LJ to bookmark for the newsletter eek!

But really today is all about this:


Other things I have done recently: ice skated some more (sort of almost going backwards now, if you're generous), lifted some more heavy weights (my legs have changed shape again), played Skyrim, cleared the entire new raid in WOW pretty much immediately (hard modes start next lockout), crammed up on the latest in javascript trends (loathsome language). Haven't written any fic at all in the last few weeks. Hope to fix that soonest, because I need to get Giles drunk. Not sure which prompt to go for, though. Do I indulge myself or make sure that one of the less-claimed pairings gets some love?
Tags: fandom:doctor who

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