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Drunken!Giles Ficathon 2011, claim post.

Claim now! Behind the cut are 79 (yes, seventy-nine) prompts for fic featuring a drunk Rupert Giles. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to claim a prompt or prompts and write fic to fill them. If you left a prompt, it would be simply awesome if you could write a prompt in return.

How many can you claim? As many as you like. But do try to write what you claim.

Can you claim an already-claimed prompt? It's most awesome to spread the love around to unclaimed prompts, but if that is the prompt of your dreams, go for it. More Giles fic is better!

How long does the fic have to be? Whatever length it works out to be, long or short.

How do you claim? Comment here with the number or numbers of the prompts you'd like for your very own.

Questions? Ask in a comment! I will answer.

Post starting Dec 31! I will post a master list on December 31st at 11:59pm GMT. You may commence posting your fic then and commenting on the master list to tell me about it. I will collect your fic links and add them to the master list until January 31, 2012.

    Gen or pairing unspecified

  1. Gen or pairing of your choice: Giles gets a call informing him that his only remaining family member and/or supporter on the Council Board has died. How does he deal with being alone, and does someone convince him that he’s not? (Not meant to be a romantic thing, but if that where it takes you…) claimed
  2. Gen or pairing of your choice: It's New Year's Eve. The Giles family egg nog recipe involves eggs, cream, spices, and some amount of brandy. Giles forgets how much. The whole bottle, maybe? claimed
  3. Gen or pairing of your choice: The Scoobies are in a tiki bar drinking flaming rum drinks from a giant skull. Nobody can possibly tie a maraschino cherry stem into a knot with their tongue in real life, right? claimed
  4. Gen: BtVS S6, Hells Bells. Drunken!Giles attends Xander and Anya's wedding. His actions inadvertently make the world (ie, the rest of Season 6) a happier place for everyone.
  5. Gen: Core4: Post Chosen, Giles takes Buffy, Willow and Xander to a pub to relax since they are all still a bit jumpy after the implosion of Sunnydale. When they are all a bit tipsy, Willow asks Giles if he really was a curator at the British Museum. He says, "of course," she doesn't believe him, but dares him to take them on a tour... now. Between Giles and Willow, they magic their way in and override the security system. What happens to the Core4 during a night at the museum? Comedy ensues.
  6. Gen: Crossover with Merlin: Giles has somehow ended up king of Camelot. The only possible answer is to stay very drunk until things make sense again. claimed
  7. Gen: Drunken night swimming is all very well but now Giles can't find his clothes.
  8. Gen: Giles & Buffy. Know what's even funnier than drunk Giles? Drunk Buffy! After surviving yet another apocalypse, Giles is well into his cups when he decides his Watcherly duty includes schooling Buffy on the finer things — like single malts. Oopsie!
  9. Gen: Giles has to face a fearsome foe who can addle any sober brain. Therefore, Giles is drunk and in danger. But it's all part of the plan. claimed
  10. Gen: Post, Post Series. The afterlife has a free bar and it's bloody brilliant!! claimed
  11. Gen: Pre Series. A dead demon, a mild concussion, and a... love-bite?. Giles' first night in Sunnydale is memorable for a number of reasons. He just wishes he knew what they were... claimed
  12. Gen: Someone admires the effect the cursed beer had on Buffy in ‘Beer Bad’, and makes sure Giles get a hold of a similar mixture (not necessarily caveman). The younger Scoobies must deal with the results.
  13. Gen: Soon after ‘Becoming pt.2’ Giles can’t handle the nightmares and pain anymore and turns to the bottle, not caring whether or not he sees the next mourning. Any combination of the four remaining Scoobies (Willow, Xander, Oz, Cordy) find him in this state. While trying to absorb the few things he’s finally telling them of what happened, they have to convince him that it’s worth holding on.
  14. Gen: Terrified!Giles drinking at the Bachelor/Slave Auction. Who will buy? claimed
  15. Gen: Young Giles/Ripper gets home drunk (again) only to find his father waiting up this time.
  16. Giles, Buffy, Ethan: Drunken Giles explaining the "Facts of Ethan" to Buffy. claimed
  17. Giles, Spike and Ethan in A New Man. Three drunk Englishmen out on the razz.
  18. Giles/anyone: Giles in drunken Vegas wedding shocker. But with whom - and how? claimed
  19. Giles & Angel

  20. Giles/Angel: the Yoko Factor takes an unexpected turn when drunk Giles meets moping Angel
  21. Giles/Angelus: Drunk is not the way to meet with Angelus
  22. Giles & Anya

  23. Giles/Anya or Giles&Anya: the story of how Anya knows where Giles keeps his liquor at the Magic Box. claimed
  24. Giles/Anya: A drunken kiss leads to more than either of them bargained for.
  25. Giles/Anya: After the wedding that wasn't, over drinks, Anya reveals to a drunk Giles "I only wanted someone to love me."
  26. Giles/Anya: Anya gets Giles drunk in order to seduce him
  27. Giles & Buffy

  28. Giles/Buffy & Willow: Everyone can see looks that Buffy and Giles are giving each other when they think no is looking. Willow is fed up with it so she decides to give them the nudge they need.Cursed beer can be fun!
  29. Giles/Buffy: (Ripper) Giles should know better then to mix liquor and magic because that makes Ripper want to come out and play. Buffy stops by for an unexpected visit, and Ripper takes action to get what Giles secretly wants Buffy. claimed
  30. Giles/Buffy: A few drinks loosens Giles tongue and he says things to Buffy he would never have admitted to.
  31. Giles/Buffy: Buffy and Giles are going to a rock concert together (it doesn't matter if Buffy is taking a reluctant Giles or vice versa, either one is fine) Giles enjoys the concert immensely due to alcohol and cuts it loose.
  32. Giles/Buffy: Buffy has been secretly wanting Giles for months so she shows up at his place with a bottle of scotch to loosen him up and then put her plan into action
  33. Giles/Buffy: Giles and Buffy have to use Giles' car (the new one); Giles is completely smashed so Buffy decides to drive, but as everyone knows Buffy's a worst driver than a dead drunk Giles, therefore a crash ensues. It's at night and they're kind of lost in the middle of nowhere (but not too far from Sunnydale). Any rating.
  34. Giles/Buffy: Giles celebrates a milestone birthday
  35. Giles/Buffy: Giles watches Buffy work out. Turns out that wasn't something he should do when he's drunk. claimed
  36. Giles/Buffy: It wasn't a good idea to get drunk after the Cruciamentum fiasco. Even if she is legal now.
  37. Giles/Buffy: On Buffy's 21st birthday instead of Dawn wishing no one would leave her, she wishes Giles and Buffy locked in a room with a couple of bottles of scotch until they work out their issues. Can be silly rather than angsty. Only request is that Giles is wished back to Sunnydale and of course is drunk :D claimed
  38. Giles/Buffy: Set after Joyce's funeral. Buffy turns up at Giles' apartment the night of the funeral. They end up toasting Joyce and drinking too much, which leads to comfort sex.
  39. Giles/Buffy: Sometime during Season 4, Giles and Liv have a fight, Giles gets wasted and confesses to Buffy that he's in love with her. claimed
  40. Giles/Buffy: The Watchers & Slayers Society is having its annual holiday do. Everyone's there; even Buffy & Dawn have come from Rome to attend. Giles, however, is sitting in his office methodically getting himself drunk rather than face her. Buffy discovers him and hijinks ensue.claimed
  41. Giles/Buffy/Ethan: Buffy walks in on a drunk Giles and Ethan making out surprisingly this not a eww moment for her. She decides that she wants to join the fun.
  42. Giles/Buffy/Xander/Willow or Giles, Buffy, Xander, Willow: One person knows all about Xander's 'work' at the Fabulous Ladies Club because he was there but he's not about to say anything...unless he's gets drunk. claimed
  43. Giles & Ethan

  44. Giles & Ethan: Giles and Ethan are reminiscing over a few at a bar. Someone (or ones) overhears the conversation and jumps to all kinds of interesting conclusions.
  45. Giles/Ethan: "A New Man". They're both drunk, but they've done this drunk many times before. claimed
  46. Giles/Ethan: Alcohol and a couple of old mystics shouldn't mix. claimed
  47. Giles & Faith

  48. Giles/Faith: New Year's Eve. Drink loosens the tongue. Faith takes advantage.
  49. Giles/Faith: she's just out of jail, it's the Apocalypse as usual, there are Potentials all over the place and Faith wants to get drunk with an actual grown up. Who turns out to be Giles.
  50. Giles & Harmony

  51. Giles/Harmony: It's hard to get lost in drink with Harmony getting on his nerves. Fed up a drunk Giles finally tells Harmony something he would never say if he were sober.. "Bite me." Harmony takes his suggestion.
  52. Giles/Harmony: the more she talks, the more he drinks, and the prettier she appears... this should end well. claimed
  53. Giles & Joyce

  54. Giles/Joyce: A drunken Giles shows Joyce he still has all the moves of 'Ripper'
  55. Giles/Joyce: After a few drinks, Giles admits his feelings to Joyce
  56. Giles/Joyce: Joyce goes over to Giles' place to read him the riot act about Buffy's slaying activities taking too much time away from her schoolwork. She walks in on him listening to rock (your choice of band) and sipping his best Scotch. He offers her a glass. She accepts. Stuff happens. References to the events of "Band Candy" a plus.
  57. Giles/Joyce: The memory of that candy-fueled encounter burns for both of them, but Giles is far too nervous and shy to attempt a repeat. That's when Joyce breaks out the tequila.
  58. Giles & Spike

  59. Giles/Spike or Giles & Spike: Watching Ripper brawl is almost as good as brawling yourself. Surely he'll start brawling once he's had enough beer.
  60. Giles/Spike: A couple of drinks and his roommate is starting to look very inviting.
  61. Giles/Spike: After a couple of bottles of scotch, Giles decides Spike isn't such a bad bloke...for a vampire. claimed
  62. Giles/Spike: being a washed up Librarian with a vampire in the house could be tedious. Luckily, Giles has whisky, and he's not afraid to use it.
  63. Giles/Spike: Spike gets Giles drunk to entertain himself while he's stuck in Giles' house. But things don't work out quite like Spike had planned, of course.
  64. Giles & Wesley

  65. Giles/Wesley: after The Gift or Buffy's resurrection - Giles goes drinking with another Watcher. Because only another Watcher will really understand.
  66. Giles/Wesley: debating the merits of various spirits (alcoholic that is)
  67. Giles & Willow

  68. Giles/Willow or Giles&Willow: magic is intoxicating. Especially if you were pretty drunk to start with.
  69. Giles/Willow: Alcohol and magic are very heady things.
  70. Giles/Willow: Willow wants(needs)to be punished. A drunk Giles is up for the job. claimed
  71. Giles & Xander

  72. Giles/Xander: After Chosen, the point at which celebrating what you've won turns into mourning what you've lost - with drink, and inappropriateness ensuing
  73. Giles/Xander: Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. claimed
  74. Giles/Xander: Giles is drinking to drown the pain of losing Buffy(set before the scoobies bring her back) Xander offers comfort in the only way he knows how.
  75. Giles/Xander: not another apocalypse claimed
  76. Giles & Xander: friendship. With alcohol.
  77. Other people

  78. Giles/Adelle DeWitt (Dollhouse): Giles tries to drink Adelle under the table, for very serious plot-related reasons. It was a bad idea. claimed
  79. Giles & Andrew: Post Series. The best cure for an annoying house guest is the liberal application of alcohol.
  80. Giles/Anya/Willow: Giles is alone and realizing that he's growing older, which of course calls for much drinking. Anya and Willow convince Giles he isn't getting old, he's just getting better.
  81. Giles/Cordy: What happens when Cordy disturbs a drunk Giles?
  82. Giles & Dawn: Giles remembers a time when wee!Dawn saw him drunk. Except that never happened, of course. claimed
  83. Giles & Fred or Giles/Fred: drunk dialing leads to confusing conversations (and maybe more...)
  84. Giles/Inara Serra (Firefly): he has a mission. She has information. But first, the formalities must be observed. Sadly, Giles isn't accustomed to Alcohol From the Future.
  85. Giles/Jenny: The proper way to open a champagne bottle without shooting the cork into the ceiling must be demonstrated. More than once.
  86. Giles & Lorne: Giles meets Lorne over cocktails and karaoke claimed
  87. Giles/Lorne: A drunken Giles reveals to Lorne that green is his favorite color.
  88. Giles & the Mayor: Giles and the Mayor have a very confusing conversation at a school event with spiked punch (preferably set before we know the Mayor is evil) claimed
  89. Giles & Oz: S3/Post Series: Oz & Giles. They never spoke about it afterward, but Oz still can't look at a lamp shade without smiling.
  90. Giles/Riley: After a few drinks Giles decides to tell Riley exactly what he thinks of him too bad all he can say is "I want you."
  91. Giles/Robin or Giles&Robin: after the fight, a good Watcher learns how to unwind. Giles's way involves cognac, for preference
  92. And a handful of additional prompts!

  93. Giles & Wesley: After Bad Girls S3 Giles decides to welcome Wesley into the Scoobies (with the help of a little scotch)
  94. Giles/Remus Lupin (HP crossover): Two men drowning their sorrows and mourning their losses in a London pub find comfort in the bottle and in each other.
  95. Young!Giles and Ethan take on Young!Remus & Sirius at darts. Sirius doesn't consider the use of magic to be cheating. Ethan simply doesn't care; he'll do whatever it takes to win. Then again, drunken magic has been known to go astray... Pairing(s) or lack thereof as the writer prefers.
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