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I killed a dragon in my pajamas.

Happy belated shared birthday to penwiper26!

I spent my birthday in my pajamas playing Skyrim, which is exactly the sort of thing one should do with the first birthday that’s closer to 50 than to 40 omgwtfbbq I can see 50 from here how the hell did this happen? Well, Mr P’s about to turn 49, so I suppose my angst is mild compared to his.

Things I did this year that were interesting:

  • Took up ice skating, which I haven't done since I was a kid. I was hoping to be able to report that I had learned how to skate backwards, but alas, I still go splat when I try.
  • Got serious about weightlifting as a sport. I don’t post about this here nearly as much as I might. Be grateful.
  • Finished exactly two significant fanfic stories, but theyd were chewy longer ones that I hope were satisfying to read.
  • Really finally seriously worked on my first origfic novel, after months of dithering. I haven’t finished it yet, but I can see the end from where I’m standing now, which is fabulous. I’m seriously pleased about this. I have no idea what I was afraid of before.

Things I will do next year:

  • Shop a finished novel around.
  • Finish at least one chewy fanfic story.
  • Learn to skate backwards.
  • Compete in at least one weightlifting meet, just for the hell of it.
  • Find a software project to work on again, preferably for money. I am no longer burned out.

Gaming: Today I will not be playing Skyrim, because my desktop Mac is now booted into a proper operating system, which is defined as “any operating system that comes with zsh and can pipe the results of one small utility into another”. I had a miserable time with the last game I tried to play on my PS3. The current generation of consoles is graphically far enough behind that PC gaming is worth the pain of dealing with Windows; this will flip when the next generation of consoles arrives & the convenience is once again a winner. This is the eternal cycle.

So anyway, I bootcamped my poor long-suffering Mac so I could play this game, that’s how much I like Elder Scrolls games. They come out about once every 5 years and consume entire lives for a couple of months when they arrive. They are world exploration games primarily, not character-focused games. I think the genre is called “open-world games” now. If you get the sensawunda from discovery, exploration, and reading tons of in-game books that describe a deep and wacky world lore, these are the games for you.

Mildly ranty: I’m starting to get pissed off with every “post stuff here” box that doesn’t let me just type in Markdown. HTML? Annoying. BBCode? Annoying. LJ’s hybrid of html and line breaks? Annoying. Tumblr? Not annoying, because I can use Markdown.

Out of step: I have just learned that what fandom calls “knotting” kink is not in fact a variation on rope bondage (e.g., Japanese rope bondage) like I had thought it was. This is just about as disappointing as when I learned that this upcoming Avengers movie that Whedon is doing is not in fact about Steed and Emma Peel.

Next: Time to write my Drunken Giles prompts and then start collecting the lot. Three more days to prompt!

Question: Is the Muppet movie any good or will I be sorry if I go see it?

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I recommend at least one day a year be spent entirely in pajamas, preferably while making cranky gnomic utterances at the people around you.

Icon is of famous pajama-wearer.

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I like reading lists of what people have done and what they mean to do next. I find them inspiring. Congrats especially on your original novel!

I love looking at them a year later and seeing where my ambition failed to match the boring reality.
Happy Birthday!

I've never actually seen a fannish definition for knotting kink, but I've always thought I knew what it was. In my head it's something on the extreme end that I would in no way, shape, or form want to describe to someone in front of my mother. Sound about right?

My sister adored the Muppet movie and she hates and complains about EVERYTHING in the universe, so that's a pretty good endorsement, I think.
Well, I dunno about your mom, but there's pretty much nothing that fandom describes as "kink" that I would want to talk about in front of my mother. That said... nobody seems to be willing to define it. I ran across a link to this J2 story that was claimed to be representative. This reads to me like generic copy-n-paste-the-names slash, as all J2 does, but it does seem to describe a specific kink. Uh. Yeah. À chacun son goût.

I did not manage to get Mr Pedia away from his gaming today, but soon! Muppets soon!
Good point about the mother thing. Except that, "involves rope" would be far more tame than something that requires a lesson on animal husbandry.

On a side note, I've already started writing a Drunken!Giles fic when I saw one of your prompts, so I'm kinda hoping I get there in time to grab it! lol I'll have to think of some prompts to offer, myself.
In this ficathon there is no such thing as only one person claiming a prompt :D So write away!

I might even have to write my own prompt, if nobody else snags the Obligatory Watcher & Slayer Society holiday party prompt. There has been one of those every year and I intend to make sure the tradition continues.
Awesome! I'm totally taking the eggnog thing, but perhaps altering the ingredients slightly with humorous results. I don't think I've done funny Buffy fic, yet. I must rectify this!
birthdays and muppets
Belated Happy Birthday. May this year be the best yet. Three reports on the Muppet movie have all said, it's a movie for adults. Great fun, but the kids don't get the references to the original series.
Re: birthdays and muppets
Fortunately I have been Muppet-enabled for 40 years now, so the jokes and references will be mine all mine to enjoy!
Happy post pj birthday mellowness.

Regarding the skating backwards thing, can you learn by analyzing pros doing it - watching it in slo-mo. You seem to be really good at analyzing all sorts of stuff, so I'd think you could apply the same discipline here. For example, when you watch in slo-mo, you can catch which muscle groups are used, etc., etc. Far better than going SPLAT again.
I am told that the trick is to stick your butt way out behind you and then waggle it, and that ridiculous as this sounds it'll do the trick. I am, um, eager to try it next time I go skating.
Many happy returns & congrats on the various accomplishments & milestones thereof!