TEA evil can wait

Mmm, butter.

I have been reviewing my tagging habits as part of some moderately ferocious thinking about the searchability of fanfiction. I will be renovating my tags in consequence.

One thing I note, however: I have only one story tagged "toast". What is wrong with me? I'm not writing enough about toast! There should be a toastathon.
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Yeah, I need to finish my write-up, which as usual started out as a mini-ramble for an lj post and then outgrew it. If it's going to be more than a ramble it needs some organization and some conclusions, and right now it lacks both.

I'm trying out some initial theories on my fic archive, though. I'm in the middle of retagging with some new ideas in mind, then I have to tweak the software that generates things like the tags page to sort the new tags properly. Then I'm going to stare at it.

At this rate I'm going to rewrite my fic archive to be database-driven instead of a set of static pages with javascript, just so I can test out some more ideas. (But I won't, because that design choice was made for sound reasons.)