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Drunken!Giles Ficathon 2011, prompt post

The year 2011 is reaching its close, and it is now time for us to turn our attentions to year-end festivities. For us, these festivities include watching a drunken Rupert Giles having adventures of the sort one has when one is drunk.

This is a promptathon run on very simple, relaxed rules that are intended to allow everyone to play. Here's how it works:


Post your prompt or prompts here. Your prompt can be anything you'd like to read, so long as it foregrounds Giles and he is drunk. The usual tone of the ficathon is festive & frothy, to match the season, but you don't have to be silly if you don't want to. All pairings are welcome and genfic is definitely part of the happy tradition. Crossover prompts are a-okay too. Giles must be drunk. This is all that is required.


On December 1, I will gather the prompts into a single post listing them all. You can then comment to claim a prompt to write. You can claim more than one, but try to claim only what you're going to write. A prompt can be claimed more than once (but it's better to spread the love around to a lonely prompt). Spend the rest of the month writing and drinking to inspire yourself. (Drinking optional.)


I will post a master list on December 31st at 11:59pm GMT. You may commence posting your fic then and commenting on the master list to tell me about it. Giles will be sobering up right about then and he'll want something to read. Assuming he dares open his eyes. I will collect your fic links and add them to the master list until January 31, 2012. And probably afterwards, because hey, drunken!Giles fic is fun and prompt ficathons are all about the relaxed approach.

PS: spread the word.
Giles/Wesley; debating the merits of various spirits (alcoholic that is)

Giles/Xander; not another apocalypse

Giles/Buffy; Giles celebrates a milestone birhtday

Giles/anyone: Giles in drunken Vegas wedding shocker. But with whom - and how?

Giles/Buffy: It wasn't a good idea to get drunk after the Cruciamentum fiasco. Even if she is legal now.

Giles/Willow or Giles&Willow: magic is intoxicating. Especially if you were pretty drunk to start with.

Giles/Xander: after Chosen, the point at which celebrating what you've won turns into mourning what you've lost - with drink, and inappropriateness ensuing

Giles/Wesley: after The Gift or Buffy's resurrection - Giles goes drinking with another Watcher. Because only another Watcher will really understand.

Giles/Spike: being a washed up Librarian with a vampire in the house could be tedious. Luckily, Giles has whisky, and he's not afraid to use it.

Giles/Anya or Giles&Anya: the story of how Anya knows where Giles keeps his liquor at the Magic Box.

Giles gen: Giles has to face a fearsome foe who can addle any sober brain. Therefore, Giles is drunk and in danger. But it's all part of the plan.

Giles/Adelle DeWitt (Dollhouse): Giles tries to drink Adelle under the table, for very serious plot-related reasons. It was a bad idea.

Giles/Inara Serra (Firefly): he has a mission. She has information. But first, the formalities must be observed. Sadly, Giles isn't accustomed to Alcohol From the Future.

Giles probably gen crossover with Merlin: Giles has somehow ended up king of Camelot. The only possible answer is to stay very drunk until things make sense again.

(I may be back with more. I <3 this ficathon.)
Drunken Vegas wedding shocker for the win! Though wow, that Dollhouse crossover prompt is disturbingly interesting.
Gen Giles & Buffy. Know what's even funnier than drunk Giles? Drunk Buffy! After surviving yet another apocalypse, Giles is well into his cups when he decides his Watcherly duty includes schooling Buffy on the finer things — like single malts. Oopsie!
Giles/Faith: New Year's Eve. Drink loosens the tongue. Faith takes advantage.
Joyce goes over to Giles' place to read him the riot act about Buffy's slaying activities taking too much time away from her schoolwork. She walks in on him listening to rock (your choice of band) and sipping his best Scotch. He offers her a glass. She accepts. Stuff happens. References to the events of "Band Candy" a plus.
Giles, Spike and Ethan in A New Man. Three drunk Englishmen out on the razz.
Giles/Buffy Sometime during Season 4, Giles and Liv have a fight, Giles gets wasted and comfesses to Buffy that he's in love with her.
Spike/Giles: Spike gets Giles drunk to entertain himself while he's stuck in Giles' house. But things don't work out quite like Spike had planned, of course.
prompt and offer
Drunken Giles explaining the "Facts of Ethan" to Buffy. And while I write fiction, I don't do so in this fandom. I humbly offer myself as a beta, however.
Re: prompt and offer
The facts of Ethan might or might not melt down poor sober!Buffy's brain! Thank you for the prompt! (And definitely note your availability as a beta reader on the prompt claiming page!)
B/G: Buffy and Giles are going to a rock concert together (it doesn't matter if Buffy is taking a reluctant Giles or vice versa, either one is fine) Giles enjoys the concert immensly due to alcohol and cuts it loose.
Giles/Buffy- Set after Joyce's funeral. Buffy turns up at Giles' apartment the night of the funeral. They end up toasting Joyce and drinking too much, which leads to comfort sex.
Pre Series: A dead demon, a mild concussion, and a... love-bite?. Giles' first night in Sunnydale is memorable for a number of reasons. He just wishes he knew what they were...

BtVS S3/Post Series: Oz & Giles. They never spoke about it afterward, but Oz still can't look at a lamp shade without smiling.

BtVS S6- Hells Bells: Drunken!Giles attends Xander and Anya's wedding. His actions inadvertently make the world (ie, the rest of Season 6) a happier place for everyone.

Post Series: Giles & Andrew. The best cure for an annoying house guest is the liberal application of alcohol.

Post, Post Series: The afterlife has a free bar and it's bloody brilliant!!
Giles/Buffy - On Buffy's 21st birthday instead of Dawn wishing no one would leave her, she wishes Giles and Buffy locked in a room with a couple of bottles of scotch until they work out their issues. Can be silly rather than angsty. Only request is that Giles is wished back to Sunnydale and of course is drunk :D